First PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Details

During a Sony Online Entertainment Fan Faire conference, PlanetSide 2 creative director Matt Higby took to the stage, outlining a number of key elements which will feature in the upcoming MMOFPS. Firstly, Higby confirmed that PlanetSide 2 is an evolution of the franchise, proceeding the original title rather than being a total reform in an attempt to reel in a more casual fanbase. Sony Online Entertainment has been working on the project for years, and it is only until recently with the emergence of the Forelight engine that the project was truly set into motion.


In PlanetSide 2, players will align themselves with one of three empires, each with their own unique appearance and characteristics and all stemming from the first game. Not only will the “strength-by-numbers,” ultra-militant Terran Republic return, but also the guerrilla New Conglomerate and high-tech Vanu Sovereignty. For those who played Zipper’s massively multiplayer online shooter MAG last year,  the faction archetypes will sound a little familiar. Your choice of empire will determine both the aesthetic customization options available to you as well as the weapons and add-ons at your disposal.

The most ambitious aspect of PlanetSide 2, somewhat reflecting CCP Game’s plans for DUST 514, is an ever-changing online environment. “Every square inch” of the map can be contested for, creating a persistent in-game world which will no doubt cement players’ loyalty to their respective empires. Holding down a territory doesn’t only provide an environmental tactical advantage, it’s also an integral part of resource gathering. Higby kicked up a few giggles when he explained that materials won’t be manually farmed from scattered nodes, instead they will be distributed automatically, affording players to upgrade their attributes, arsenals and even vehicles. The creative director also hinted at potential sandbox uses for resource management, including the possibility of players being able to build their own defences and facilities.

Though we now have a general understanding of what to expect (with more announcements due sometime in the near future,) there are undoubtedly a number of important questions which still need addressing, concerns regarding its business model being one of them. Another, and possibly more relevant question is whether PlanetSide 2 will make the leap to Sony’s home console. It has definitely been an SOE trend as of late, and with the FPS market veering more and more away from the realm of PC gaming, passing on a PlayStation 3 version could greatly determine the immediate success of the game. However, technological obstacles have to be considered, including the potency of the Forelight engine.

Source: Game Breaker TV



  1. Can’t wait. I’ve got nothing but fond memories of PlanetSide. I forget the name of the guild I was in but the leader trained US special forces by day and lead his PlanetSide guild by night. His expertise in organising missions really showed off as we were deadly. It was amazing, we were actually feared on our server.

    If SOE can recreate what they did with the original game then I’m sure it’ll be a big hit.

  2. please let it come out on the PS3 – I really enjoyed planetside I was an aerial combat pilot and I was fairly good :)

    It was very rarely I couldn’t take out at least 3-4 other aircraft before I eventually got taken down.

    I loved flying low to the ground when someone was in pursuit and zig zagging through trees to watch them crash into the trees because they couldnt keep up :)

    /hopes for PS3 version

  3. Indeed looking forward to this coming back in a newer format. Loved it, and will be buying the new game just to say thanks if anything.

  4. Gonna keep an eye on this…..

  5. Cool although I don’t think I’d go for the PS3 version if there ever was one.

    Much like DC Universe although I’m not sure if THAT freezes on the pc.

  6. Loved the original but so much empty space,i recall a review saying it was the online equivalent of waiting for a bus which was so true at the landing pads.Huge potential though.

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