Modern Warfare 3 Has A ‘Color Blind Assist’ Option

This weeks ‘Question of the Week’ on the Sledgehammer blog asks if the forthcoming Modern Warfare 3 will include any features to help those who suffer from Color Vision Deficiency (that’s ‘colour blind’ to me and you.)

Sledgehammer have responded with the following message:

We estimate that nearly a million gamers are playing Call of Duty every day with this issue.  I am happy to report that we are working on a Color Blind Assist option for Modern Warfare 3.

 Source: Sledgehammer Blog



  1. hmmm!! good work, I dont suffer myself but its good to think that some devs are considering that it is an issue for some people

    • Aye, i hadn’t even thought if this until I saw it was in KZ3, looks as though it’s quite a serious issue, if 500k people a day playing CoD suffer…

      • i am pretty color blind myself, and while i wouldn’t refer to it as “suffering”, it does get semi difficult to tell red and green team names floating over enemy/friend heads apart.

  2. I don’t see why colour blindness is an issue in the COD games, you never have to make your choice on what to shoot based on colour as far as I can remember, and the flags and bombs are clearly marked with circles and on screen icons. Does anyone on here suffer from colour blindness who could explain the problems you can have?

    • My grandpa suffered from coloured blindness. He had issues differentiating red and green, and as the player names are red for the enemy and green for your own team, i wonder whether this is the issue?

      • Could be, I didn’t think the enemy had names though online? Just your own team. I might be completely wrong though. Good thought anyway.

  3. well done Sledgehammer, this should be a must for everygame in my opinion.

  4. its pronounced ‘cull-or’ not ‘cull-er’ (roughly) obviously! lol

    • It is cull-er

      • The proper spelling that is (with the u)

      • proper for some is impropour for others

  5. So if you can’t see the colour green, you’re screwed whenever you need night-vision?

    • I think you can see green, but it’s red – and vice versa. Or something.

      • That’s why there’s always you find dead colourblind people littering the roads around traffic lights.

      • nope, just difficult to distinguish from afar. And as for the traffic light problem; it’s solved by the position of the lights

  6. Good thing for colo(U!!!!!)r blind CoD fans, coz if you can’t see various bland shades of grey and brown you’d be screwed ;)

  7. Finally! Red and green are my main issues for this game. If the enemies name appeared Red, most of the time I would not shoot and just die.

  8. I wanna know what colour blind people are doing with Playstations in the first place.

    • What? Colour blindness only means you can’t (or find it hard to) differentiate between certain colours, most games wouldn’t pose too much of a problem, I wouldn’t have thought.

    • Yeh! Put them all into camps!


  9. Never particularly understood this myself. I can understand that to some people one colour appears as another. But then, don’t they just play the game that way?

  10. Hurray! As someone with red/green colour blindness this is the sort of news which makes me very happy. Well done to the MW3 team!

    For those on here who are asking about colour blindness (there are more technical terms which are probably more accurate as the term ‘blindness’ infers that I can’t see the colours, which is not wholly correct). The problem shows itself when there are a multitude of colours in front of me and reds, browns and greens, are close together but not all in one block. For example, there was a footy match on the telly a few years ago with Liverpool all in red playing against a team all in a fairly dark green. As the players were running around the pitch, with the camera panning, I found myself unable to differentiate who was playing on which team. Now, if I paused the telly and looked carefully at the static screen, I was able to make out the different teams’ kits.
    This means that I am unable to become a commercial pilot (I wouldn’t be able to easily make out landmarks from the sky, important ones like the runway!) and (not that I’m upset) I can’t join the armed forces as I would have to stare at the long grasses and wooded areas for a considerable amount of time before I could make out the enemy (I know that this is the idea of camouflage but, it’s effectively like a double layer of camouflage for me to see through).

    So, when it comes to gaming, games with lots of reds, browns and greens on screen at the same time, they really present a problem. Any of the forest or grassy levels on MW2 are where I get taken out far quicker than normal.
    Killzone3 was really bad for me. The opposition and friendly figures were marked with red/green text, and when those targets are moving at a fast pace it’s impossible for me to pick out the real targets, thus causing me to often pause for that fraction of a second it takes some 18 year old to shoot me in the face. I gave up with Killzone3 in the end as differentiating friend and foe was game breaking. I’m sure they could have set up an option to mark friend/foe in colours of the user’s choice.

    • Cheers for that.

      • Ooh, another good example… The Apprentice You’re Fired. You know at the end when the audience hold up the red and green ‘Fired’/’Hired’ cards. Dara could tell me it’s 100% red and I’d just have to believe him (unless I paused the tv and carefully studied each card on screen). When the camera’s panning and there’s a mix of the colours I struggle with, that’s when they all appear to be the same colour.

      • Apparantly Dara’s colour blind too – one of the comedians on the You’re Fired panel let it slip this series. Basically he hasn’t a clue until they tell him in his earpiece :P

        I’m not sure about what you said about the armed forces though, as I have a colourblind mate who’s been accepted in. Perhaps it depends on what role you go for. He’s not gonna be on the front lines.

      • So Dara’s red/green colour blind… Why doesn’t he just tell the producers to change the cards to yellow and blue? Don’t tell me he’s too shy to ask.

      • I wondered why Dara was saying Melodys (phowaarr) exit on Wednesday was close because it looked overwhelmingly like the audience voted red for fired .

    • Ah interesting, I hadn’t considered things like green grass causing problems, though it seems painfully obvious now! Thanks.

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