Namco Bandai Site Starts Counting Down

Namco Bandai has opened up a new website that has started counting down. Currently the timer is around the 210 hour mark, meaning it will end the middle of next week.

Does anything about the picture look familiar to you? Viewing the source code doesn’t really reveal much.


Source: Namco Bandai



  1. Proabably something else to do with Tekken, they don’t seem to be able to plug that enough lately!

  2. The first reveal of Tekken X Street Fighter?

  3. looks like a pretty standard japanese residential district scene.
    not much to go on from that i’d say.

    i guess we’ll find out soon enough, unless it’s a countdown to another countdown.

  4. Though I’d love to say Tekken because I love those games. My guess would have to be a game based on an anime.

  5. Well, I can see bulldinga…..and is that a telegraph pole?

  6. I’m thinking a new IP might be revealed here, something in between Shenmue and Yakuza. I can hope anyway.

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