Killzone 3: Clan Activities

Since Roynaldo gave me stewardship of the clan, I’ve been looking to build interest in the TSAN clan and will be continuing to do so in the future. First of all, in the past two weeks we’ve had the resurrection of the famous TSA Killzone boots which have been running since the inception of the Killzone 2 clan by Alex and Michael. I’ve used the boot camps as an effective yardstick for the level of interest in the title and given their relative success I have organised a special gaming night for you lot.

As I’d been following FrugalGaming on Twitter, I’d heard they were just starting to get their KZ3 clan going in a similar vein to us. So, after talking with the lovely chaps over at FGUK for a little while, we’ve organised a friendly gaming night between the two communities, which has provisionally been planned for Friday the 22nd of July. This will be a great opportunity to get to know some other communities and will be purely for fun, so everyone from relative newbies to experienced veterans is welcome. The gaming night will likely be 8 vs 8, so if the number of places is over-subscribed then I’ll use to fill in the 7 available spaces.

[drop2]The guys over at FGUK have also informed me they tend to use Skype so if you’ve got that then that’d be a brucey bonus, although it’s by no means a requirement. If you’re up for it, then pop your name down in this thread to let me know you’re interested.

As fun as friendly gaming nights are, I know they’ll be some members of the TSAN clan that are itching to test their skills in competitive formats. As such, I intend to do semi-regular clan matches using the in-game system and challenge other gaming communities to games every now and then. However, I feel its better that we get to know the maps inside and out before we do so and the best way to do that is to get some practice in. And, of course, the best way to get regular practice in is take part in our weekly boots which you can sign up to in the TSA Meets section.  For more information on the boot camps, head over to this thread.

If you’re interested in having some great fun with fellow members of the TSA community and becoming a member of the TSAN KZ3 clan then you can sign up in the Clan application thread in the forum, or if you have any ideas (and I mean any) for the clan then feel free to contact me either on here, psn or twitter. I look forward to seeing as many of you on Helghan as possible!

This post was written by the TSA Killzone clan leader Spooferbarnabas.


  1. i wonder who is going to win the tournament

    • What tournament? It is purely for fun and just to have a good time….zero competitiveness in this situation :)

      • Thats good coz I’m s**t !. I’ve put me details in the forum, def up for joining the clan. Can I add the clan tag now?

      • @Jones81 i’m pretty sure that you have to be sent an invite to join the clan

      • ok, hopefully someone can send me one

      • put your name down in the clan application thread, turn up to a few boots etc and you’ll get an invite

  2. Best of luck. To even things up they should ban spoofer from using a shotgun!

  3. I’m looking forward to the gaming night with frugal, should be good fun (it’s not a competitive match). I’ll be organising competitive matches at some point in the near future, but for now make sure you’ve got your name down for the dlc and normal boot and also the fun night with frugal :-)

  4. Will any of the dlc maps be needed for the thing with frugal as i’m planning on picking them up soon but if they are needed then i’ll pick up a PSN card tommorow so i can get them (and then be able to join the dlc boot) so it will be a win win.

    • as far as i’m aware they won’t be but the maps are good anyway so it’s worth it…i think :)

  5. On holiday that week :(
    Would much rather be slaughtering higs.

    • Depending on where your going, I may consider swapping places with you if you dont wanna go, however you will have to take my place at work and also fulfil my housework duty though. Its not just fun and games this killing higs lark ;-)

  6. Yeah, include me if you can please, even though I was abysmal in the first boot and had to leave early because I totally forgot I was supposed to go somewhere.

  7. As you know spoof (as I keep banging on about it) I’m well up for this! I’m already in the clan and turn up for meets so hopefully that should stand me in good stead for selection purposes :-) (not to mention I’m shit hot lol)

    • shit hot. Bit of an understatement. On monday you turned up half way throught the match and still finished top of your team.

      • Wow – That is indeed impressive!

        Go Tony! :)

      • It’s all because I actually try to complete the objectives instead of just playing as a tdm. I couldn’t give a toss about my kdr, hence it being 0.70 or so. As long as we win is all that counts.

  8. Count me in!

  9. I’m not around on 22nd July but I would like to get involved in some of the boots over the next few weeks/months

  10. I’m up for this, posted in the right forum threads I think. Got to quit current clan which I’ll do tonight.

    By XP I’d be top of the clan, but this speaks more of my obsession with the game than raw talent perhaps!

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