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Rumour: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Set For Comic-Con Reveal?

We mentioned a few days ago that Capcom hasn’t forgotten about Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with a panel due at Comic-Con.

Over at The Quarter Bin they are claiming that ‘Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3’ is set for reveal. Apparently the game will feature twelve new characters (come on, Phoenix Wright!) and no doubt some gameplay tweaking that our man Delriach will sniff out in about thirty seconds.

It should be pointed out that Capcom has issued the standard “no comment”, so we will have to wait until this Saturday to find out more.

Source: The Quarter Bin


  1. Now I’ve sunk my teeth into MK, my love of fighting games has been rekindled. Is MVC3 a decent game for fighting novices?

    • I bought it day 1 and wasn’t hugely impressed. It just seemed a little too easy to press 2 buttons and pull off a 75 hit combo. There are a lot of flashing lights and the roster is cool but I couldn’t see myself ever mastering a character (or team of 3) like you can in SSF4 or MK. I saw it in Gamestation for like £14 the other day if you want to try it

  2. Marvel: Capcom:
    Carnage Virgil
    Cyclops Seth
    Azazel Amingo (how often do you play as a cactus)
    And you fill the rest

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