DCUO “Fight For The Light” Trailer

Earlier this month, SOE announced its first premium update for superhero MMO DC Universe, centred around the Green Lantern mythos. Not only will the $10 DLC unlock three new alerts and gear, but also the ability to adopt “light constructs” as a primary in-game power. SOE have yet to come forward with a concrete release date, though many sources have suggested it will deploy sometime this summer.

Source: IGN



  1. They want another £10 of for a few extra powers to use in what essentially is a ghost town!

    I really should cancel my sub!

  2. yum yum, weapon effects look rad. Hope this becomes free to play over the summer(micro-transactions.) If it does, i’ll be purchasing immediately. Was playing tomb raider yesterday & as i’d made a lara character in the beta(likeness uncanny, even had name lara croft lol,) it reminded me how much I miss this game.

  3. Free it up for plus members and im in :-)

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