Meet the Reader: MadJunkBoy

This week we get to meet a Swede. He’s also totally crazy, but then isn’t that the stereotype? Say hello to MadJunkBoy.


Question one! Who are you, how old are you and where do you come from?

This ones name is Carl-Oskar Palmér and I’m from the rainy Sweden… 18 is the age you were asking for.

Ah, our first real foreigner! Where did your screen name come from, though?

Well, I was sitting at this very computer and trying to come up with a PSN ID of my own, because I got an ID from a friend at first. I was sitting for at least 40-50 minutes and couldn’t come up with anything, and I became very angry so I thought that I could use ‘Mad’, then I hadn’t had a proper shower for at least 3 days so I smelled like ‘Junk’, and the ending was very easy since I’m a ‘Boy’…

Oh, so nothing to do with you being insane, then? I mean, you are of course insane, but that’s just a happy coincidence?

Yes, just a really happy coincidence.

Excellent. How and where did you lose your gaming virginity?

Well, the first time I got with the lovely gal called gaming was on the computer, and the game was Wolfenstein 3D, but I got really into gaming when I played on my sisters’ and brothers’ NES in the late 90s. Playing Super Mario and Mega Man 2.

Some of the old classics, but playing NES games in the late 90s? That must have been considered retro even then. How did you get to where we are now?

Me and my younger brother (the other one was my older one) got a PS2 for Christmas in 2001. We stuck with it until my younger brother got a 360 for his birthday somewhere around 2005 I think. Then I got a PS3 from my friend, who gave me my first PSN ID in 2007.

Sounds like quite a big family you’ve got over there. Are your older siblings still gamers? Any big rivalries you’ve got going on?

No it’s just me and my younger brother left fooling around with gaming, but my older brother has still got our old PS2 with the first Need For Speed game and Freedom Fighters. Ah, Freedom Fighters! What a game!

Would you count that as one of your favourite games? What else sits in your top 5?

Hmm. The first Ratchet and Clank, Freedom Fighters, NFS Most Wanted. There are so many games that I can’t name any more!

How about a slightly easier question: What games are you most looking forward to this year?

SKYRIM!  Oh, and Oblivion on the previous question. How can I forget a game like Oblivion?

Old age?


Oh, now I understand! No, no I don’t think so… I can’t remember, I have a bad memory.

But speaking of Oblivion, it’s one of those well loved, but very buggy games, which brings us nicely to the worst or most embarrassing game you’ve ever played?

No, I cant remember any game that I have played and thought “What a piece of shit!” All games I have played have been enjoyable, if my memory doesn’t fail me again.

No guilty pleasures? I mean, some people must have managed to enjoy Hannah Montana

Nope. The only guilty pleasure I have had with her is… Next question please?

OK, we’ll move swiftly on to talk about TSA. Most of our readership is in the UK, with a smattering in the US, but it surprises me how many mainland Europeans come and read. How did you find TSA? I predict the PS Store updates.

Then you are wrong, my dear Englishman. Well half wrong, I found TSA when looking for trophy lists. I’d found this place and ps3trophies at the same time, but signed up for ps3trophies first. Then I noticed that you were just like a big freaking family and signed up about a year ago I think.

No regrets.

That’s what we like to hear. Do you have any favourite front page features?

Well, except for Meet the Reader, it has to be the reviews and Bunimo’s Massive Polls.

It’s actually TuffCub…


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  1. You are indeed a keen mad gamer MJB and usually whoop asses in offroad racer type games, I’m surprised that you aren’t heavily involved in the Dirt 3 stuff.
    Haha, Bunimo is the one with massive Bolls and Tuffcub has the Polls, how could you get that one wrong :P

    • yeahh, im actually very surprised to that im not more involved in that game since i love the colin Mcrae games!
      me and my dad actually had tourneys when we had the first game on the windows 98, with steeringwheel and all=)

  2. “I’m a hunter and the games are my whores!” Awesome, very nicely put, that line had me properly laughing :)

    Good interview, hello MadJunkBoy.

  3. haha very funny read, btw I must know is it Sweeden or Sweden? don’t worry google chrome just answered that question for you :L
    loved the mix up between the massive polls, and i agree that all NFS’s on the PS2 were awesome, not sure about Most Wanted though

    • its just one e in Sweden=)
      most wanted is acually almost the best NFS IMO, the first game was awesome, and then Hot Pursuit, most wanted and the Carbon… havn’t forgot anyone now??

      • If there was only 1 ‘e’, then surely it’d be ‘Swedn’ or ‘Swden’?

      • haha tef, which hot pursuit though, are you on about the very old ones or not? i liked both undergrounds and carbon, prostreet was bad, undercover was good, but i havnt really got into the new hot pursuit

      • well tef, u can actually spell Sweden with just one e… cause if u spell Sweden like this-> swedn: it would still be pronounced Sweden…

  4. Haha, this is easily the funniest MTR yet. Hullo, MJB :)
    I had no idea the MNR showdown was such an anticipated event :P I better get a marketing campaign going…

  5. You hurt my feelings, not mentioning me. :P
    Thanks tef for adding me on the pic ;)

    • in one way i didnt forget u cause i said that we could have a meet with all motorstormers and that includes u if im not mistaken… =)

      • I’m shallow and need my name to be said :P

      • there must be a mistake then cause im sure that it said: including myself, you, thebezerka, R1MJAW, Captain Kirk….
        what is a MS:A meet without u Mr. bez?? =)

  6. Hello to you sir!

  7. Carl-Oskar……hello my Swedish friend! :D We should totally do that meet! To tef, cheers for putting me on that pic ;)

    • yeahh, im planning for the meet… any time and date that suits u the best? :P
      those NASA guys can take several months to to give me a reply… =)

      • I still have absolutely no idea what you were on about with the NASA stuff, and getting nerds laid… Like, what?

      • *sigh* :P
        i said that my NASA contacts could help us get to the island and have our meet=)
        and they would halp me since i helped them nerds all get laid…:P
        Get it??

      • It just seems like a crazy set of circumstances to have you helping NASA guys get laid…
        Then again, anything’s possible in Sweden I guess.

  8. Hello to you sir.

  9. Your name strikes a deathly fear into my heart. Not your real name, obviously.

  10. Hell Yeah to Maiden.

    • ok now something went wrong with my reply to u… its now visable on the second page… :P

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