Sony Patents Interactive Troll… Thing for PS3 and PSP

Patents are interesting beasts. Whilst more often than not they never amount to anything, patents give us a little glimpse into what companies are thinking.

This one from Sony is certainly different. Initially filed in 2008, the patent is for an interactive evil troll doll that has various features such as articulated limbs, pressure sensors, a store for liquid, voice recognition and a wireless receiver. It is said to work with the PS3 and PSP.


It’s a shame it looks like it would kill you in your sleep. Save me, Elmo!

Source: PSLS, via PSXExtreme



  1. Hahahahahaha.

    ….a store for liquid? Er what?

  2. …can’t sleep, troll will eat me…

    • That a simpsons line? (minus the ‘clown’ of course!)

      • That’s the one ;)

      • Hahaha remember that episode!

      • That was a great episode – Thought it looked familiar! :)

    • hate it… forced to watch it so many times in lunchtime. Thank heavens for PSP…

  3. Liquid? Does it spit at you or wet itself when you play Resi in the dark?

    • Or both?

    • Perhaps it’ll be compatible with the water sections in Uncharted 3.

  4. On a more serious note, maybe a coolant liquid for the PS3?

  5. …now show us on this doll where Sony has taken your money

  6. Eyepet TWO! Troll Edition

  7. Heheh reminds me on the Peter Molyneux/Milo fictional story I wrote.

  8. The patent is invalid, there is prior art. I’m sure there are trolls already connected wirelessly to the internet, I’ve seen them.

    • Clever. Well done :)

    • There would be a certain irony in Sony being a patent troll, by trying to patent a troll…

  9. i’m your friend to the end

  10. Voodoo, who do, what you dare don’t do people.

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