Team 17 Announce Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Team 17 have today revealed that they’re doing another Worms game.  This one, dubbed Ultimate Mayhem, will be a remix of Worms 3D and Worms 4, and will combine both games into an “over-stuffed, over the top package” for PS3 and Xbox 360. It’ll also be available for PC gamers via Steam.

The new revamp will include more levels, more puzzles and more, er, worms.


“It’s been an absolute pleasure getting the chance to revisit two titles that we remember so fondly,” said Head of Design John Dennis.

Expect HD visuals, a better camera and new introductory sequences.



  1. I think Team 17 should step away from the Worms franchise. It must be one of the longest running game franchises ever (1995 – 2011)?

    • I just think they need to make !one! decent game since Armageddon (i would say WWP but it’s obvious i guess).

      • WWP is the best Worms game ever in my opinion. It went downhill from there.

      • Sorry, but I loved when Worms went 3D. I honestly don’t know why they decided to go back when the 3D games had much more interesting level design and allowed for more interesting game strategies.

        Maybe you guys did it…. 0____0

      • It’s not the 3D that I dislike. It’s the way the worms react to the environment, the physics, etc. It just feels like a step back. Even the new 2D games suffer from that problem. In my opinion it’s the game engines that changed for the worse.

      • It’s not about 3D. It’s about the Poxels. They’re an abomination. Worms Forts had indy landscape and i liked it the most.

      • Not aware what Poxels are? It’s the strange voxel+pixel thingys the landscape is made of in Worms 3D games.

    • Saying that, Worms 2: Armageddon on PSN was quite bearable and in all a good game.

      • And there’s a 50% discount on it for Plus subscribers coming up in August!

  2. “that we remember so fondly” – no shit, they’ve ruined the thing!

    • …I really liked Worms 3D…

      • I loved worms 3D reminded me of Hogs Of War. Bring back Hogs Of War!

  3. I don’t remember what it’s like when Team 17 weren’t making a Worms game

    • Agreed. They really have the lactation pumps on this particular cash cow. Flip! Still… 3D. Hmm… does look good.

  4. Bleh and meh! Armageddon is the only worms game you need. Doesn’t get much better than that game :D

  5. Team 17 should just be called people who make worms

    • *cough* Alien Breed *cough* :P

  6. I have been waiting for the day Team17 bring back the 3D Worms games for so long.


  7. Really liked Worms 3D. Think I still have it for Gamecube.

  8. I’m all for the 3D version. I found the 2D versions a little repetitive after a few levels.

  9. I’m the opposite, I liked the games more when they were 2D – I lost interest when they went 3D.

  10. I’d love to see a poll about people’s opinion towards this flogged series. I’d imagine they do market research to tell them if it’s worth doing yet another one.

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