Worms Ultimate Mayhem ‘Customisation’ Trailer

Another trailer for Worms Ultimate Mayhem is out, with the focus being on the extensive customisation options. As you can see in the trailer, it’s not just your worm that can be tinkered with (ooh er) as weapons can also be modified.

Source: Team17



  1. Looks more exciting than what everyones talking this week….then it’ll be F1 2011….

  2. Looks exactly the same as Worms 4, which is pretty obvious, so this is nothing new to me. Great to see they improved the load times GREATLY though

  3. This looks a bit mental, not sure about the 3D still..

  4. My biggest problem wit the 3D Worms games is the engine. It just feels like you are on the moon. The gravity seems low and everything moves too slow. It just doesn’t feel right when you smack a worm in the face with a baseball bat and the it only flies 10 meters.

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