God of War IV On PS Mexico’s Facebook Wall

I don’t speak Spanish. I strongly advise you all to be cautious about the veracity of this story.

All I can be sure about is that the PlayStation Mexico Facebook account looks genuine to me. Which makes it a little surprising that they’ve had what appears to be a teaser image for God of War IV on their photo wall for around ten hours now.


The game hasn’t been announced yet but it has been heavily rumoured so this image adds a little fuel to that fire. I wonder if we’ll see it at Gamescom?

Update: I’ve been told over Twitter, by a Spanish speaking follower, that the PS Mexico Facebook page is a fan page and not official.

Source: PS Mexico Facebook




  2. Oooh that looks good. If this is really coming then that’ll be 6 God of War games on my trophy list by the time it’s released thanks to the wonderful addition of the God of War Collection: Volume II. Mexico get all the exclusives..

  3. If the Blades are back, I think we can assume Kratos or some son/heir is going to be the protagonist. I’d quite like to play as a female character this time – could be interesting.

    Just please don’t move on to Roman/Egyption/Norse/etc mythologies! Seems like a cheap way out to me. I’d quite like to see Kratos/Kratina kick ass in the Trojan War. Plenty of material there.

    • I think Kratos is done, I’ve lived them but it was an end, anything else involving Kratos will just be a cash-in IMO.

      I really hope they bring their storytelling to something new.

      • Loved

      • I agree. Before the article update I just saw the quote with “Kratos” in it and I was bummed immediately. They should move on. No more gods to kill. Don’t milk it. Evolve!

    • I’m happy not to play as Kratos. I just don’t want to play the same kind of story in a very slightly different mythology.

    • I had a dream a couple of months ago about Kratos kicking the crap out of Jesus. Don’t think that’s a very likely direction though…

      • Kratos vs Jesus would be a boring fight though. They keep coming back from the dead. There would be no winner.

  4. Almost certainly fake, the logo comes from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUY1MeMaFVU

  5. God of Phwoar!

  6. Just chucked it into google translate and it says
    Kratos is back
    GOW 4 is now in development, commissioned by Santa Monica. your departure date in 2012.
    Not over yet.

    Gives the general gist

  7. Not reading anything into this. I’m not that bothered about a GOW 4.

  8. Its coming, no doubt. God of war 3, best opening scene to a game in the world..

    • Yep. Played that section to death. So pretty.

  9. One of my favourite series, but I did find myself a bit burned out after getting the platinum trophy on all three games. To echo whats been said above, Kratos has been done now, hopefully if a sequel does emerge it features a new lead-character

    • “all three games” – Two more coming now! :)

      • Ahh yes, the PSP-to-PS3 ones. My wife has played them on the PSP and says they are really good so maybe I have room for a bit more GoW in my life lol

  10. God of Thor?

    • WINNER! *rings bell*

      You don’t actually win anything. But I snorted a laugh.

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