Blatantly Obvious Job Listing Is Blatant (God Of War 4)

Blimey, what could Sony Santa Monica be working on?

“The Sony Santa Monica Studio is hiring for an unannounced new IP!” trumpets the job listing but it’s got me totally flummoxed.

The listing is for a Senior Combat Designer who will required to work on the following:

‘Character and boss designs from concept to implementation completion, including character animation implementation and tuning, environmental character impact, special effects, sound effects, AI gameplay scenario layout and gameplay tuning, controller configuration, gameplay features, magic distribution, character balance and ramping.’

Hmm, characters, boss fights, combat, magic and Sony Santa Monica.

Nope, no idea what they are working on. New IP?



  1. What makes you think that Santa Monica and Sony isn’t just trolling? :P

  2. I think “unannounced new IP” probably means it’s anything BUT God of War IV… right? Maybe it’s the franchise’s reboot under a new name.

  3. It must be God of retiring! Think about it, Kratos has no more gods left to kill so therefore he retires. You can wrestle with a fish, watch the sun rise and sun set. Complain about the young folk etc..

    Or it’s another God of War.

    • Funnily enough, that kinda sounds a bit like Yakuza!! :O

  4. Cannot wait.

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