Duke Nukem Forever Makes A Profit

Take-Two have announced that the critical mis-step that was Duke Nukem Forever has turned a profit for the publishers, suggesting that the game did OK at retail regardless of reviews.

“Despite its disappointing reviews, Duke Nukem Forever was profitable for Take-Two,” it said in its quarterly review.


Perhaps not a great surprise, being that they were only working on the game for the last twelve months alongside Gearbox – as far as we know 3D Realms self funded the previous thirteen years worth of development.

Bodes well for a decent sequel, though.



  1. The Daily Mail is 99% drivel but that still sells. Amazing what people buy to be fair.

    • That’s true. I’m sure I bought a Daily Mail once, you need to be gentle though because paper isn’t anywhere near as gentle as tissue on the old mahogany knot.

    • I used a copy once to mask my car for painting a bit and I could still see enough of an article to piss me off

      • It’s not all bad. They have Garfield now.

  2. There goes another incentive to make a decent game.

    • Surely it’s the exact opposite. It shows there is public appetite for Duke Nukem but that Forever wasn’t very well received by critics. Thus they know that spending a bit of time and money to make a good sequel won’t be a waste of money.

    • Think of it this way:
      If that’s how much Duke Nukem can make while being universally condemned, how much could it make if it were good or even great?

      • Yeah, but who’s gonna bother if it sells enough while it’s shit? It’s like every publisher’s motto.

  3. Call Of Juarez: The Cartel is selling well. Still sh!t though.

  4. Now they can buy some more bubblegum!

  5. “Bodes well for a decent sequel, though.” Uh, optimistic with the use of decent there. ;)

    • Let’s hope its another 10 years on the making.

  6. Does this mean that games are over priced and you can still make a profit with a heavily discounted game.

    • I’ve thought that for a while. If games can quite happily go down to £20-£25 after a few weeks, where’s the profit margin at? The product must still be turning a profit so where does it all go?

  7. Anyone else see the grand theft auto v official webpage? I typed in http://gtav.com and a website pops up now for GTA V. They had on there that the game will be released in 2012, and set in Los Angeles. I really hope they don’t do LA for the game, I prefer something overseas so the game has a different feeling. Though if they did do LA it would be cool to have some rappers and cool actors in the game. Slap around a few of those bums!

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed all my time time with DNF, glad to see it’s breaking even for them.

  9. Robbie Williams albums sell quite well too, and listening to his shite is akin to listening to Lisa Riley pleasuring herself for 70 minutes.

  10. Not every person that buys games cares or reads a review. Even though its not a game for me, im kinda glad it has. Fair play to them.

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