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MvC3 Vita Port In The Works?

A recent listing has been spotted on Amazon France, sparking rumours that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 could be coming to the PlayStation Vita. Evidence of the game’s existence is incredibly thin, though in saying that, since its original launch in 2009, Street Fighter IV has spawned numerous expansions and ports; perhaps Capcom is planning to do the same with MvC3?

If the listing turns out to be legit, what’s more interesting is the version of MvC3 Capcom is porting. Fate of Two Worlds is undoubtedly a stellar title for fighting fans, but with the new and improved Ultimate MvC3 (including 12 bonus characters!) due for a November launch, it would surely be a more beneficial gesture to Capcom’s fanbase to port the latter version.

True or false, we’re likely to find out in the coming months as we soldier through this month’s annual Gamescom, soon followed by the Tokyo Game Show.

Source: Joystiq


  1. Tekken VS Capcom is enough for me :)

  2. Whoa

  3. That would be a nice addition to an already stellar line-up of games. Surely Nintendo must be worried, thus the price drop, drop in stock prices, etc.

  4. this sounds awesome,i think that if sony keep up this great line up of games then the vita will be a big hit.

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