Big Update for MotorStorm Apocalypse

The EU PS Blog has announced that a new MotorStorm Apocalypse update is now live, featuring some pretty tasty additions. First up is the Mode Editor which allows you to create your own game modes within the MotorStorm template. These can be played online or offline.

Next up is the ability to customize and share your vehicle designs via You can also download any that you like the look of.


“Sharing your personalized vehicles is simple: upload them from MotorStorm Apocalypse to your personal Profile area on and other players can view them immediately. Downloading shared vehicles from other players is just as easy: find one you like the look of on, sign in with your PSN Online ID and download it – it will be waiting for you when you next go into Customization in the game!”

There is now also support for Logitech G25, Logitech G27, Logitech Driving Force GT and Logitech Driving Force Pro steering wheels, which should provide an insane experience. Move is supported, too.

Taking feedback into account, the update also includes “additions and improvements such as; new racer ‘clan tags’, changes to gambling (bets are now won when a rival is disconnected or disqualified), and changes to lobby privacy (so that private rooms can only be joined by invitation).”

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. “bets are now won when a rival is disconnected or disqualified”

    Best news ever.

    • thank god for that. No more screams in our meets when *enter name here* d/c’s from the race and R1m is left in tears

      • At least if the person you’re betting on leaves or gets disco’d you get to keep your prize pot. Much more annoying is building a huge prize pot only to be randomly disconnected for no apparent reason other than the server having a flakey (which seems to happen way too regularly).

    • I found that a problem in the multiplayer demo so im glad that it aint in the full game (by the time I end up playing it anyway)

    • YEAHH!!! no more ragequits from mister Flamez! :P

  2. Bloody hell. Looking forward to see how the Move supports hold up, but those others updates are awesome too.

  3. Bought this yesterday but haven’t played it. Interested to see how well move support will work although will play it with my DS3 first.

  4. Get in…

  5. Move support is silly, but who am I to complain when silly people want to try and best me with Move? Easy pickings!

    Huge update, that I’ve been waiting since release for it to appear! Great.

    • Same here, especially the mode editor which was announced well before the game release. Should add some fun to the TSA meets.

  6. Haha, great stuff I got it at the perfect time. Great game

  7. I still have to pick this game up but that looks like a fairly decent update.

  8. Pfft Dan, its not live until Friday… and that’s the US blog :D

  9. MSA Meets will be much more interesting with Mode Creator :D

    • agree! =)
      gonna make the craziest mode ever!!
      and its gonna last forever=)

  10. Perfect. Now that i’m trying to get to level 40 (i’m in lvl12 right now), this is good news :)

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