More Hints At Syndicate Reveal

The Syndicate rumour train rumbles on, the latest news being that ‘Secret Blockbuster Reveal‘ that was pulled from issue 72 of Official XBox Magazine is now back on.  Editor John Hicks tweeted that the game will now feature in the issue dated 30th September.

Earlier in the week, Starbreeze’s Rickard Johansson tweeted ‘Grand moment approaching. The reveal for Starbreeze and EA’s Project Redlime. Time to meet the press.’  Project Redlime is the rumoured codename for the Syndicate reboot and the tweet was quickly removed.


An alleged script for the game has also been leaked.

Source: Twitter.



  1. Best subtitle ever.

  2. Theme Park NOW!!! (prefect call since I believe this was a Bullfrog game?)

    • I heard something about an iOS (and presumably, Android… eventually) re-release of Theme Park and Theme Hospital. Not sure if it was announcement or rumour though.

      • Really CB? Loved those games and would pay through the nose for releases of them on Android.

      • Yep, found it. No mention of Hospital and it’s iOS only at this point but both the Hospital sequel and Android conversions would kind of make sense following on from this, right?

      • Thanks very much for the Linky! Yep, it would make sense, I really hope they do release it as I’ll be buying it if they do.
        My sister has my old iPod touch…. I may have to ‘procure’ it back from her.

      • Seriously enjoyed Theme Park when I was younger.

  3. Burst out laughing at the subtitle.

  4. Oh please be true.

  5. did anybody else ever play the see how many people you can get in a single car before the game crashes game?

    or was that just me? (^_^)

    • haha, yeah, had to use the entire population of a map as cannon fodder once as i didn’t have enough money to outfit my marionettes with appropriate hardware.

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