Podcast: Episode 31

Roll up, roll up for another episode of the Oscar Mike Media podcast! This week, we discussed our GMA nomination a bit to start off with. Then we talked a bit about the Catwoman photos that emerged from the set of Dark Knight Rises before rounding out the news section and moving on to what we’d been up to.

I shamelessly admit my love for flailing my arms around like a ninja with Fruit Ninja Kinect and Lewis and I both discussed the Driver: San Francisco demo, with varying opinions. Lewis talks about Submarine and gives the world’s most precise and succinct review of Faster. I then stumble my way through trying to explain why I wasn’t keen on the Green Lantern: Reborn book I’d read.

Kris didn’t really talk about anything specific due to his free time all being spent watching Brighton play football in their shiny new stadium.

We did the quiz and the competitions before finishing the show, as always, with our reader-submitted questions. We love hearing from you so if you have any suggestions to make the podcast more awesome or if there’s something you’d like to hear us discuss, get in touch.

In the meantime, keep subscribing, reviewing and spreading the word about the podcast and we’ll keep rambling through them and making bad jokes!

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Here’s the “Free Beats” video I mentioned this week. Just because it’s so awesome:


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  1. You’re late! *deletes his TSA account* :p

    I shall listen to this whilst drinking my capocino and reading harry potter. I wonder if my question thread was mentioned on this episode?

    • Reading Harry Potter?

      • Yes, and i am enjoying it. Although, i can’t whip my wand out in public and read it. ;)

  2. Anybody got a link to the new superman picture mentioned in last weeks podcast? I can’t find it, is it even on the web? I’ll give this a listen tomorrow :D

  3. Very long podcast guys! Played it whilst doing freeplay targets on The Saboteur :) I barely knew any of the theme tunes though, probably got 4 out of all of the ones played.

    I haven’t said this on the article but congratulations on being nominated, it’s a great website which I visit most out of any other website – a) it’s my homepage on all internet enabled devices I have and b) I like your articles and forums very much :)

  4. talking about classic kids tv, and no mention of dangermouse?
    who are you people?
    it’t like i don’t even know you anymore.(Q_Q)

    i got six on the quiz.
    almost seven though, i just had cities of gold not mysterious cities of gold.

    dungeons and dragons was a classic series too, it did fall foul of the old almost make it back home only to have it snatched away at the last minutes syndrome in far too many episodes.
    and they never gave the series a proper finish, so those kids are probably in their thirties now still running around being chased by a, how many heads did tiamat have?
    a multi headed dragon then.

    i got a copy of requiem for a dream, gonna watch it one day this week.
    it’s a two disc version with a documentary on the writer of the novel it was based on.

    i really wanted to see submarine, i’m a big fan of richard ayoade, he’s been one of the funniest actors in most of the things i’ve seen him in.

    like in the mighty boosh.
    “how dare you speak to me of the crunch, you know nothing of the crunch, you’ve never even been to the crunch”

    and some of the stuff in the it crowd, and i’ve watched a few outtakes, he’s a funny bloke.

    and if you want a closer look at the catwoman costume.

    at about the 2 minutes 10 mark you get a real close look. o_O

    • Thanks for the link lol.
      Big thumbs up for Dangermouse and Dungeons and Dragons. I bought the D&D box set on DVD and was disappointed there was never a proper final episode that resolved the story. If you remember Thundercats fondly you may be interested in the 2011 remake (trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enQXITlKRgg). I’m not to old to watch kids tv, honest .

      • that looks pretty cool, i’ve seen still of the characters, but not an actual trailer, till now.
        i don’t remember any particular episodes of the original series, but i’ll never forget that catchy theme music.
        thundercats are on the move, thundercats are loose.

        gotta share this one.

      • Ah, brings back memories of getting home from school and watching tv for hours until dinner was ready. Bananaman and Super Ted just came to mind again too.
        You wonder if the creators of Thundercats had a tongue in their cheek with the whole “Thunder, thunder, thundercats hoooooooooo” thing and the massive enlarging sword. The theme music was class though.

  5. Top podcast this week guys even if the ending was just plain creepy/wrong :P
    You were talking about the driver demo but i wondered if you’d tried the madden 12 demo this week guys? And peter, will you be getting a review copy this year? (i think you did the review and were quite impressed with it, no?)

    Also, should’ve used the trap door theme in the quiz, it’s brilliant! :)

    • *last years review that is you did

  6. Does the arbiter of all podcast knowledge get some kind of staff or sceptre?

    If not, why not?

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