Worms Get The Crazy Golf Treatment

Team17 has announced Worms Crazy Golf for PC, PS3 and iOS. No you haven’t read that incorrectly, and it seems the gang have stopped trying to murder each other and have decided to settle things via a round of crazy golf.

Of course, Worms being Worms, this isn’t a regular game of crazy golf and you can expect castles that teleport balls, canons and comedy bats. There is also “Social”, hot-seat multiplayer for four people.




  1. Words fail me, picture says it better: http://bit.ly/pfx2CL

    • Love it!

    • I don’t think they’re beating a dead horse so much as trying to continue a franchise that still has plenty of life in it, but not making good games.

      By which I mean it’s fine they’re making more, it’s just they haven’t made good ones. There’s nowhere else you can play something like Worms, really, so it’s not been succeeded by anything and, as such, still has a place on our consoles.


  2. I’ve always loved the traditional style Worms games, so it’ll be interesting to see how this variation turns out!!

  3. To be fair I think it could be a lot of fun. I won’t be paying a premium price for it on PS3 but I’ll buy the iOS version for a couple of quid definitely.

  4. I think this could work quite well, it depends on how they do it. I think a capture the flag with all worms moving real-time would be better though!

  5. Thats all I need for a good golf game…. Worms

  6. I remember having the worms golf game about 4-5 years ago on my old Sony Ericsson K750i, was good fun to play back then.

    • yeah i had it too on an old sony phone, i agree it was fun :)

    • You beat me too it , yea i think i had a Worms Golf game on my Sony Ericsson W810i .

      • Oooh the W810i. That was the trendy Walkman version I believe ;)

    • Same for me, it was one of my favourite mobile games at the time. Simple but still challenging and good fun multiplayer as well.

  7. I’ve always loved that quote.

  8. 2D mini golf?
    Oh well, it’s not like it’ll cost too much if it turns out crap.

  9. This should be a play mode of a full game. Not a game itself.

  10. What’s next Sensible Worms Of Soccer :P

    • Surely next up is a God of War clone – where you have to slay the mighty Herm-Aphrodite! :P

      • God of ‘Worm’, where you have to slay the ‘Worm’-Aphrodite?

        Sorry, I’ll stop.

      • You’re not worming your way out of this.

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