PlayStation Store Indie Deals Include Germs and Worms

Unlike the title suggests, Sony aren’t offering various diseases to download from the PlayStation Network, but are offering savings on games such as Germinator, Worms and more.

There are four deals in total, including:


Sky Fighter for €3.99 or £3.19
Sky Fighter is one of Creat Studios’ many PSN titles. A side-scrolling shooter at heart, it features many single player and multiplayer modes, with some lovely visuals.

Germinator Bundle for €4.99 or £3.99
Germinator is an addictive puzzler in the same style as Puzzle Bobble, as you fire Germ bubbles into others of the same colour in order to combine and pop them. This bundle includes both PS3 and Vita version. We scored the game 6/10 in our review, praising the unique twist is brought to the genre and the longevity across the four modes and 150 levels.

Lead & Gold for €4.99 or £3.99
Lead & Gold is a Western-themed third person online multiplayer which is actually quite a lot of fun, with various classes and weapons present.

Worms Crazy Golf for €3.99 or £3.19
Crazy Gold put a bit of a spin on the usual Worms formula, though we only scored it an average 5/10 in our review, due to the repetitive nature of the game and the lack of variety throughout.

There will also be an extra 10% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Nice, just bought Worms Crazy Golf!

    • Ditto, at that price with the plus discount too its practically given away.

  2. Shame they don’t have the other Worms games discounted. Would’ve liked to buy Worms 2 for the PS3 but oh well I have loads on pc anyway.

  3. Damn. Dying to grab a bargain after rinsing out Thomas Was Alone and Walking Dead this week, but none of these are doing it for me.

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