Worms Crazy Golf ‘Britannia’ Trailer Looks Great Fun

Who would have thought that worms and golf would go together so well? The latest trailer of Worms Crazy Golf looks like a heck of a lot of fun, capturing that “just one more go” factor.

It’s heading to the PS3, PC and iOS “soon”.

Source: YouTube



  1. Actually looks pretty fun! Hopefully there will be a trial/demo.

    • I’ve grown tired of Worms but this looks superb! Count me in, definitely.

  2. Day 1 purchase for iOS, but I can’t see me playing this on the big screen. The price for the mobile version will probably be much lower anyways.

  3. Getting this.

  4. Nice! Great idea, Worms meets Angry Birds meets Peggle, of sorts.

    Defo going to get this one!

  5. Can’t wait to try, I like Worms…

  6. No 360?

    • maybe nobody on 360 likes crazygolf

  7. when i first saw this i was deffinately like oh dear, now i’ve seen it in action and im think im gonna have to get it, now if only team 17 would stop playing golf for a few days and finally sort out worms 2 armaggeddon as it still has been fixed since the dlc patch broke it

    • “worms 2 armaggeddon as it still has been fixed”

      Well there you go! its still been fixed..*tuts* lazy devs these days.

      • lol oops missed a few letters of one of my words, it hasn’t been fixed

  8. as long as the price is right then i’m sold. looks like good fun.

  9. LOL and great new look to an old favourite.

  10. I never expected i would be liking this but i have to admit it does look fun.

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