GAME Offers Exclusive Avatar And Theme With MW3 Pre-order

GAME’s PR company have emailed to let us know that if you pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 from the retailer you’ll get an exclusive ‘Classified Intel Pack’ thrown in as part of the deal.

What this Pack consists of is seemingly too classified even for us just now, all that GAME will say at the moment is that there’s a ‘British Special Forces Avatar’ for Xbox 360 owners or an ‘exclusive theme’ for PS3 owners, plus a mini Brady Strategy Guide thrown in.


“This is a massively long awaited release so we’re really pleased to finally start revealing what pre-order customers will be receiving in their exclusive GAME Classified Intel Pack,” said Neil Ashurst, Head of UK Comms and PR at GAME.

We’re told a further announcement will be ‘revealed shortly’ that will complete the pack.  Let us know whether or not this will help you to decide where to pre-order from, the game’s currently £44.99 at GAME, which seems about the norm.



  1. I’ll be buying Battlefield 3 anyway so this makes no difference to me.
    I think many people will buy from GAME at £44.99 regardless of the exclusive content.

    • I think less and less people buy from GAME nowadays. Their prices are inflated and with the big supermarkets fighting with each other to offer the cheapest deal why wouldn’t you buy it from there. For example when MW2 released it was £45 from GAME but in Tesco you could get MW2 AND a £20 PSN voucher for £45. You just can’t beat that.

  2. No thanks, will just pick it up cheap on some day one deal and keep my funky matrix style dynamic them.

  3. Got my order in at game for bf3, due to the exclusive vetran pack, but i’ll forgo the theme & will be joining the Q at asda for this. Probably save 10-15 quid & this autumn i’ll need every saving i can get.

    • … unless the next item is dlc/maps/weapons, then game it is. Like my dlc asap for my fav titles.

  4. SIGN ME UP!!!!!…….nAAAAT. Im going to join the supermarket rush for this. i work over the road from a sainsburys so I’ll get it there.

  5. I have preordered from Game but will no doubt cancel it seeing as there will probably be a Prestige Edition again!

  6. As with everyone else, I am going to be relying on the supermarket release deals. COD actually works out to be one of the cheapest things I buy all year, as I can grab it for around £25 and the trade in value stays high for ages.

  7. i try to order from game when possible for the game points (i want money off vita/ps4) but if the saving is big enough I will go elsewhere. probably supermarkets for me this year

  8. ASDA FTW!!!

    • This & PES, are always my two annual bargins from asda.

  9. Pffftttt….. will get MW3 on 7th November, yeah that’s right the day before release date =P
    Enjoy the midnight queue ;)
    (Oh don’t forget Milk)

    • I don’t understand the midnight queue…I’d get back and feel tired after about an hour. I’ll get an early night, then in the morning play some MW2 campaign for a story “refresh” and wait for my copy to arrive. Then drink plenty of coffee, lucazade, Red Bull (etc)…and play long into the follow night! :)

    • I got MW2 3 days before release xD

      I usually get games like 1 day early from GAME but MW2 was shipped out early as there was postal strikes at that time in England.

    • skimmed or semi?

  10. Still waiting to see what’s in the Hardened/Prestige editions before I preorder. And I’m not going to preorder for a “Classified pack” when all it tells me is it has an avatar/theme. That’s ridiculous.

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