PS3 Exclusive “Agent” Concept Art Appears

An artist who worked for Rockstar North has casually posted a couple of mock-up screens from Agent.

Strange witchcraft is afoot as the shots have since vanished – and by ‘strange witchcraft’ I mean ‘shouty phone call from Rockstar’s lawyers’.


The screens are from 2009 so they are of little value other than to prove that Agent actually exists.

Not content with giving us some nice screenshots, the CV also listed Grand Theft Auto V.

One again, witchcraft means any mentions of GTAV have vanished from the site.

Source: Gamersmint.



  1. Looks cool, but reminds me of max payne a bit.

    And also any mentioning of GTAV is good news to me :)

  2. Looks L.A. Noire-y

    …which is a good thing

  3. Ooooh I know the shots are two years old but let’s hope we get some solid info soon.

  4. *sees actual shots of Agent and sprays his coffee all over his laptop* It is real!:o Is this the one that got canned or was it Agency?

    I’m getting a resident evil vibe from the screenshots due to one of the camara angles in one of the screen shots.

    • It was The Agency that got cancelled – the MMO spy game.
      This should still be in the works.

  5. Completely forgot about this…..

  6. 2009 – seems a little old, so much could have happened since then.

  7. Whats so special about Agent?

  8. I forget about this game, no information whats so ever. It’s like L.A Noire, except that had a trailer in 2005, no information until 2010.
    A trailer would be nice, no matter how vague it is.
    This game was announced a little over two years ago, whos knows since when the game went under development or when it first came onto the drawing board.

  9. Saw this on IGN earlier, isn’t exactly mind blowing, but it’s just a screenshot and probably pretty damn old too, just give us some gameplay!

  10. Woaw! This game is looking GOOD!

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