LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Video

I just went back to LittleBigPlanet 2 for the first time in months. It’s still a great game, with some of the new levels that people have made blowing my mind. I didn’t think they could actually make it better.

Then I saw this video, detailing the new features that the Move support will bring to the game. It’s a lot more than just a new control scheme; it’s basically an entire new expansion for LittleBigPlanet. You’ll obviously be able to create your own Move mini-games and the ones featured in the video are astoundingly good. Aside from that, however, there are new animated stickers, custom stickers, a paint tool, a nifty motion recorder and even a new item called the Brain Crane. And that’s just the start.


The pack will be released next month, I for one really can’t wait to see what people can do with these new items and how Move is harnessed in LBP2. Catch the video below, which is a lot to take in for just one minute and thirty seconds:

Source: Youtube



  1. Stunning.
    Any news on pricing, or if it’s free? This is so bloody huge.

    • It has to cost money.

      • Wasn’t it promised to be free? Could be wrong.

      • IM sure they said it was going to be a free update.

      • I wouldn’t mind paying if it’s priced reasonably.

      • i’m almost certain i read somewhere that this would be a free update.

      • It was going to be in the game.

      • I bet it will be like some of the other DLC where you can use the some of the tools but the stickers and other content is inacessible

      • It is not going to be free.
        Quoted from a blog article about it from June.
        “It will be a paid-for pack – I think you’ll understand why as we show more of the new stuff that is being created for the pack; Media Molecule are putting in so much cool new stuff (including new playable levels, as well as new tools).”
        Here’s a link …

      • I think it’ll be like the Water update for LBP.
        You’ll be able to use a lot of the stuff for free if other people create levels with them in, but won’t be able to touch them in Create mode.
        Plus, MM might throw in a few new levels in the pack which you won’t be able to play otherwise either/

      • Oh well! I’m going to buy it, if it’s got trophies, after all, I’m a CRAZY trophy hunter.
        (Collecting’s too addictive). :P

  2. Motion recording and Move. Damn, that’s pretty cool.

    Still wish they would add interactive music though.

    • just near the end of the video if you pause it you’ll see….4 new interactive music tracks.

      • Exactly, they shouldn’t have to add those. I want to make my own interactive music. They promised it for LBP2 and even showed it in a trailer yet it never appeared in the real game.

    • Wait how did I make my own music mixed with so many sounds and having six sliders to pretend that it is like a interactive one?


  3. Wow! I really want to get LBP2 for this now, any idea if this will cost?

  4. Although I liked LBP never found the need to buy LBP2 but this has sold it to me! Looks like a fun and no holds barred use of my move setup…. and the kids will enjoy it to!

  5. I must get around to buying this at some point!

  6. Awesome, i thought it might only allow limited Move options but it looks like you can utilise every function of the Move controller. I’m very impressed!

  7. Nice :) That’s a lot more stuff than I expected! Time to recharge the Move controller, I guess

  8. I’ve been constantly checking to find out more about this pack since LBP2 released, and it turns out it will probably arrive right near my birthday :D

  9. Right.

    Gonna have to get this game now.

  10. Wow, I assumed it was free but I wasn’t expecting this!

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