Persona 3 Portable Gets a PSN Price and Release Date

It has been announced that Persona 3 Portable, the third highest rated PSP game on Metacritic, will be available on PSN from the 7th of September for £27.99 (€34.99).

Those who are planning a day one purchase will be pleased to hear that the game will be on sale for the first two weeks at a promotional price of £23.99 (€29.99).

Source: Press Release





  1. Is this being released as a digital PSP game, or as a PSN game?

    • All PSP games are digital. This one is downloadable too since its available on the PSN.

      • Eh? So it’s a downloadable PSP game, not a PSN game?

      • yes it’s full retail game that is on the store. So no regular psn game.

  2. I’m sure this has been on the UK store for a while now, maybe I’m getting confused but I remember seeing it and being surprised that it had appeared.

    • Just checked, looks like I’d seen the first Persona game on the store, not the third. I’d looked at Persona 3 in the past, which is what confused me I think.

  3. Really hope the psp sale next week will be good.

    • PSP sale next week?
      Excellent news. :)

  4. This game is one of the best available on the PSP, so its about time they finally released a digital version for people who weren’t lucky enough to get one of the few copies that were made available via UMD.

    Does anyone know why so many games take forever to get a digital release (if one at all)? I feel sorry for anybody that bought a PSPGo :(

  5. Poor PSP-go owners…
    You really believed that Sony will actually manage to release every PSP tittle on PSN?

    • If they couldn’t do it for the PSPGo I hope they get their arses into gear for the Vita.

    • You make sad PSP go owner sad. Haters will never understand, haters make this world really sad. No haters are sad… maybe not haters are nice people. No… haters are misunderstood, PSP Go is better than PSP 3000. PSP can play Monster Hunter, PSP-3000 can play Monster Hunter too… but doesn’t save states. PSP Go, is small.. PSP-3000 is wide… PSP Go as 16gb.. no PSP-3000 as 16-32gb memory sticks.. wait they’re expensive…

      No Vita is can do anything. Wait, no PSP Go is better looking.

      (Tooooo much Mock the Week, but this is worst

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