RAGE’s Mandatory PS3 Install is On The Big Side

So we already knew that RAGE had a staggering (albeit optional) game install of about 22GB on the Xbox 360. PS3 owners won’t have a say in the matter, with a mandatory 8GB install.

Not so bad with one of the newer machines with the large hard drives, but maybe an issue with the older 40/60GB models. Still, hopefully the game will be worth it.

Source: GamesRadar, Thanks Kovacs



  1. From the headline I thought it was going to be bigger than the 360 one.

    8Gb is chunky, but not massive. I suppose it’s the fact it’s mandatory that’s the pisser in all this.

  2. Don’t really mind too much, got 60gb left on my 250gb HDD and plenty to delete if I do fill it up. Not a problem here :)

  3. Why so much?

    • The game’s asset count is huge (1TB uncompressed). By installing a large chunk of it to the HDD it doesn’t have to read that information from the disc. Reading from HDD is always quicker that reading from disc, so, in a nut shell, the reason behind this mammoth install is to prevent frame-rate dips and pop-up.

      • Sheesh, that is mahoosive.

      • 1TB is crazy-insane! They must have some serious compression going on to fit that on a Blu-Ray, let alone DVD (assuming it’s one disc on 360, I don’t know)

      • Three disks for 360.

    • 360 has three discs? I thought they redesigned the game so it could fit on two, to avoid the extra cost of three discs…?

  4. I say if it makes the game run better the bigger the install the better the experience. Although 8g isn’t that impressively huge, I was expecting a 15g or bigger install. I hope 8g is enough to combat the texturing and loading issues we’ve been hearing about.

    • Yeah, during Carmacks speech it sounded like id was having trouble getting a large enough install from Sony to make it run well. Hopefully this is enough.

  5. “maybe an issue with the older 40/60GB ” – yep. Might not be able to get this game if I run out of room. I have already a couple of times and had to go on an epic delete spree. Still not much room :?

  6. Holey moley!!8 freaking GB!!

    Well, that rules out the game for me even if i was interested i am afraid. I just can’t spare that much space for one game.

    • If you delete Home from the XMB you can free up an additional 3g of HDD, and you can always reinstall Home later. Also you might want to check how much HDD is devoted to game saves. You can get a 2g USB flash pretty cheap nowadays and transfer most of the saves to the flash. You can free up a surprising amount of room by transferring your saved game data to the flash. After 4 years of use I was able to free up 1.2g of HDD space… those Fallout3 saves take up alot of room.

  7. I realize an HDD drive upgrade isn’t in everybody’s budget and there are more important things to spend money on, but if you’re in the market for a game then you aren’t too far off being in the market for a new HDD. You can pick up 500GB drives very inexpensively these days and 350GB drives even cheaper. They’re not the toys of the rich they were. Remember when 1TB drives for the PC were outrageously priced? Memory storage space is just plain less expensive than it once was.

    • I have a 650GB HDD in my Slim. Cost me €80. I’d highly recommend upgrading to anyone who plays a lot of/downloads games.

      The switcheroo procedure takes some time (depends how much you’re transferring) but it’s really a piece of piss.

    • Indeed, but it unfortunately isn’t just that though is it, as you also need an external HDD to back up onto before changing over the internal HDD – So in my case at least, i would need to fork out for both an internal & external HDD just to do the swap over.

    • I upgraded mine and wrote a piece about it:


      I don’t care about 8GB – also I will need rage to help me pass the time until borderlands2 is released :)

  8. I’m not too bothered about the 8Gb install , more concerned about the ‘bluray churning’ noise that was alluded to previously.

  9. I am not too fussed about the 8GB. When I read the header and sub header I thought it was going to be massive.

  10. Okay, so it’s 8GB. I can delete a few things off my harddrive to make space. Although, it’s going to take a while to install. :-/ I dislike waiting for a game that i have brought to install. It had better have an indicator to tell us if the game is installing or if it has crashed.

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