I Am Alive Videos Surface

I Am Alive, Ubisoft’s on-again-off-again disaster survival game, is something of a mystery. We’ve probably all seen the well travelled image below. It’s been on websites, blogs and forums all over the internet since the game was first showcased way back in 2008. There was a quick CGI trailer in 2010 and then everything went silent on the game. A lot of people assumed it had been canned.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced that the game was still on. Even though it hasn’t been shown anywhere, skipping E3 and Gamescom so far this year, it seems that the levels of interest surrounding the disaster survival mechanics and the beautiful visuals were enough to spur Ubisoft on to keep going.

Well, now there are a couple of videos that have surfaced which show off an old concept build of the game as well as a slideshow of screenshots which show off some of the user interface elements that have been used in the game’s development up to now. The gameplay video has just been removed from YouTube for copyright violations (seemingly at the request of Ubisoft) but you can still see the screens slideshow below, for now.

We should remember that the game might have changed significantly since these videos were made but it’s nice to see a little something about a game that, so far, Ubisoft have been very quiet about.


Source: GAF, via CVG


  1. I was expecting some gameplay in motion for a second then….

    • and no….. i didnt read the whole article. Just the 1st paragraph!…..Doh!

    • The gameplay footage was still up when I started writing this. Then I went to post and thought I should double check first!

  2. Seems like “I am alive” is the most fitting title for this game.
    Hope it makes it all the way to the public soon

  3. looks pretty good, the visuals i mean…
    would really want to see some gameplay of this… that is the thing that will decide if i get the game or not…

  4. I have been reading this closely and it went off the grid, but I believe it went quiet due to the Japan disaster as ‘I am Alive’ is based on survivng the disaster, which is why I understand it went quiet.
    Need more info and a trailer for this!
    Thanks Peter ^^

  5. I’d completely forgot about this game, glad it’s still alive.

  6. Good to see the still around. Looks intriguing.

  7. Looks very interesting, certiantly something different. I’m confused with why it’s so quiet regarding news on the game lately, though. Canned, or not canned, Ubisoft?

  8. I really hope this comes out. Absolutely loved SOS The Final Escape and Raw Danger and the Wii game Day of Destruction too. There’s just something about them that gets my pulse racing.

  9. i’m not sure. i’m starting to loose faith in it. if they bring out a new video, screen shot or anything then i’m interested but that vid just puts me off

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