Podcast: Episode 32

Last week, it was suggested that I write this post immediately after recording. That would, presumably, get around the issue of completely forgetting about what we’d talked about on the podcast between recording and posting. I didn’t do that.

So, let’s light a few candles, get some Mongolian Throat Singing on the stereo and see if we can channel the mystical forces of my memory to work out what’s in this week’s show.

I’m seeing an image… it’s… it’s a… yellow brick road?

Yes, this week’s podcast was influenced by Kris’ hyperactivity and the fact that he sent the running order infused with lines from the Wizard of Oz. Luckily, Lewis and I were on hand to keep things professional. I don’t know what we’d do without the good example Lewis sets…

Anyway, what did we talk about? Well, we mentioned the big news from Gamescom including the PS3 price cut, pared down PSP and Gamecube-less Wii model. Then Kris let us know that Hellboy is dead. This caused some confusion because I’ve never actually seen or read anything about Hellboy and I always assumed his hellishness came from being dead already.

You know who’s not dead? Alice. Do you know what else isn’t dead? Prince Nuada’s movie career. This Hellboy II villain, played by Bros’ own Luke Goss is a big fan favourite and there’s a campaign running to get a prequel movie made featuring the dastardly Prince. There’s a petition, mentioned on the show which can be found and signed by clicking on this handy link. We urge you all to do it so that in another couple of years, we can talk about that movie on the podcast.

We also talked about games, of course, with Minecraft Pocket Edition on the Xperia Play being the star of this deathly quiet summer period. Lewis told us about Limitless and Your Highness and I told everyone that the fans who don’t like All Star Batman and Robin were wrong.

We did the competition and quiz, as always and there’s another comics quiz in there to win another bundle of Kris’ unloved editions.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. “Last week, it was suggested that I write this post immediately after recording. That would, presumably, get around the issue of completely forgetting about what we’d talked about on the podcast between recording and posting. I didn’t do that.”

    Haha brilliant. I’m glad this is out early, I’ve been surprisingly swift in my listening last week. I have missed it like a leper misses his arms.

  2. That Alice link truly is universal. Thanks guys looking forward to listening to this on the drive home.

  3. Name: Sammir Radha (male) – something I missed from my email :)

  4. I shall listen to this now. Rember, if you don’t ask a question for episode 33, Peter,Kris and Lewis will call you a Poopyhead and forcefeed you Pepsi and force you to watch a Uwe Boll film. :)

    I shall try to create one every Monday.:)

  5. the double life ad.
    one of the best ever ads for a games console.

    with games like xenoblade, last story and the new zelda, i think the wii still has a few potential sales left.
    and i use my wii for gamecube games probably more than i use it for wii games.

    the bit that got me in up was when the old guy’s looking in his photo album, that bit had me in tears.
    bloody great film.
    and the dogs, they were hilarious.
    “squirrel?” O_O

    there may be no way of proving somebody’s not immortal, but there is a good way of testing for it. >_>

    • I love the way your comment is a series of responses to different bits in the podcast, like you’re talking back to us :)
      You’re ace.

    • I didn’t click at first as I thought it was going to be the sad bit but luckily it made me laugh :) Great film.

  6. So, you can’t make a crafting table? Put 4 planks in a square?

    • No.
      Well, you can put four of the wooden-looking cubes in a square but it doesn’t do anything special. It just makes a little square of wooden cubes. I’ve written an article about my bumbling first few hours with it, should be going live soon.

  7. Like Peter, I’ve had to sign the Official Secrets Act for a job, working for one of those companies that does the tagging of people under court order. Sounds a lot cooler than it really was, I work in accounts.

    Only listened to the first hour or so of the podcast, had to rage-quit when Kris started talking about Step Up. I was driving at the time, and it was a choice between “unplug the iPod from the stereo” or “veer into the oncoming traffic”. Other than that, so far, so good.

    • my reason was a little bit more exciting than that – it featured firearms – but yeah, nothing too “James Bond”…

      • Oh, that *is* more exciting. I think the OSA was applied so we couldn’t give out addresses or name and shame people “on tag”. Spoilsports.

    • I’d have veered into traffic in the hope that it erased the memory of that discussion :P

      • I’ve still got the drive home, and the quiz on musicals. Could still happen.

  8. I haven’t listened to much of the podcasts myself and now I find myself asking why not. They’re fantastic. Was listening to episode 32 last night whilst lying down and laughing away most of last night, my family must have thought I had gone insane.

    Peter, if you want to experience Minecraft in all it’s glory I suggest getting it for the PC and coming on Gamoc’s server. We will teach the ways of Minecraft and show you how to make TNT.

    • see, now TNT sounds awesome. Why isn’t there TNT in the Pocket Edition?

      • I’m sure I saw TNT in a trailer for the Pocket Edition. You would need to collect gunpowder from killing Creepers and get some sand to make TNT. I don’t know if the crafting recipes are the same in the pocket edition, but here is the best place to get all the different recipes for the PC version. I would imagine that the recipes are the same though. http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Crafting

      • guess what… There is no crafting or collection in the Pocket Edition!


        I’ve written a thing about it that’s going live at 5PM today.

      • That completely defeats the purpose of the game then. Daft.

      • I will be sure to read this at 5pm about it then.

  9. Awesone! I won the DVD comp! Thanks for the DVD! Great podcast as ever guys.

  10. *awesome

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