LucasArts Looking for RPG Makers

According to a job listing on the LucasArts website, there’s a new open world RPG in development. The job listing calls for a Gameplay Engineer to work with LucasArts in the San Francisco area.

The classified ad was highlighted by Clint Hocking, Creative Director at the company who is also working on an as-yet-untitled project himself. Perhaps this is it?


Is it too much to hope that this is an open world RPG, similar in style to Fallout but set between the Star Wars movie trilogies and focusing on Han Solo’s story? Because I’d pretty much sell my soul for that game.

Source: LucasArts, via VG247



  1. My money’s on Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis HD. Hey, a guy can dream.

  2. Yeah, I think they misspelled “PnC”, and they’re making tons of new Monkey Island and Indy games.

  3. me too, i’d definitely sell your soul for that. ^_^

    lucasarts have access to quite a few IPs that could serve as the setting for this game.

    or it could be a whole new IP.

    oh, i just had a thought.
    just imagine if it was like one of those multifranchise games they have in japan, whith characters from loads of different manga and anime.
    just imagine if it featered characters from star wars, indiana jones, monkey island, maniac mansion and any of the other franchises lucasarts hold.
    han sole and indiana jones finally meet.
    that one might even be worth my own soul.

  4. I’d settle for a true sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, rather than an MMO in which I have no interest.

  5. Why do people still want Star Wars related content? :P

    • Amazing universe it is, if tapped into correctly.

    • This, the first thing I thought when I saw the title is how great it would be if they had moved away from milking Star Wars dry and made some quality comedy RPGs again, a la Day of the Tentacle or Grim Fandango.

    • Because I think if they made a move Star Wars game it would be awesome.

  6. Don’t really care RPGs have really gone downhill this console generation in my opinion. I especially hate the fighting style that they have. It feels more like a hack and slash game than an RPG. I like the old one that Final Fantasy X and X-2 still had that feels a lot more like i’m playing a role playing game cause i get to control/choose what the characters do and yes i know that you can choose what your characters do in today’s games as well but it’s not as flowing as it is in the older games since the game automatically stops so you can choose what you wan’t to do. I have wondered why nobody has made an old style RPG on the PSN i’d like that a lot but i might be the only one

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