Grim Fandango Rises From The Dead On PS4 & PS Vita

One of E3’s first genuine surprises, the LucasArts classic adventure game Grim Fandango is set for an HD remake on PS4 and PS Vita. Originally released in 1998, the comedic neo-noir game directed by Tim Schafer is considered by many to be amongst the finest adventure games ever created. Despite this, it was considered a commercial failure and has even been attributed as being behind LucasArt’s reason for exiting the adventure game market.

Tim Schafer’s Double Fine will be bringing Playstation gamers a visually upgraded, distinctive adventure game, with some fantastic comedic moments and a wonderful soundtrack that you’ll be humming for days after playing. Making the Playstation difference the game will also be perfectly suited to the functionality offered by the Dualshock 4’s touchpad and the Vita’s touchscreen.



  1. Been wanting to play this for a long time, I’m happy to see this be a thing.

  2. never actually played Grim Fandango, but i’ve wanted to, looks like i’ll be getting another chance.

  3. God yes. YES YES YES YES!!!

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