Space Marine Demo Now on Live

Warhammer 40k’s upcoming far future shoot-a-thon, Space Marine, is now available to try on Xbox Live. The third person shooter was quite positively received in our preview and we’re hoping to get it in for review soon.

But what better way to see if you’ll love it than to try it yourself? The demo is due to come to the PSN too, but we’re not sure if it will be in this week’s store update or if it will come along withe next week’s when the 360’s Live Gold exclusive period ends and the demo becomes available to those that haven’t paid for their subscription.


You can queue the 360 download here, let us know what you think of it!

via VG247



  1. Will give it a try,i’ve actually preorderd it after being a fan of the way Relic depicted the Warhammer 40k universe with Dawn of War so it’ll be nice to see how it plays.

  2. According to ‘The Drop’ post on the US blog, the demo will be available in this weeks store update (wether it appears in the EU/UK update is another matter entirely) … as well as demos for Bodycount, NHL 12 and Hamilton’s Great Adventure.

    • They didn’t lie … i’m downloading all of the above from US store as i type.. :)

  3. Really want to give this one a spin, hopefully a multiplayer demo will also be made available.

  4. Just put an hour or so into it and it’s a solid game,very gears of war but with large open areas and a cool melee system.The different ranks of orcs are spot on imo but i think it’s gonna be multiplayer that shines,can’t seem to find a definitive answer as to coop but the way the levels were laid out seems it would be amiss without.

  5. I tried the Bodycount demo too R1MJAW,seems an bad time for codemasters to be releasing what seems to be a little above average Fps.

    • Having just played through the Bodycount demo a few times, I can see me possibly picking this up. I much prefer shooters like this over more realistic stuff like MW3 and BF3.

  6. Must. Haz. Demo. Now. !!!

  7. Interested to try this one, there needs to be more demos for games these days though!

  8. If anyone’s interested, the 4 demos I mentioned earlier are now up on the US store … however you’ll need to use the search function to find them as the store hasn’t totally updated yet.

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