Space Marine Will Launch With “Elite Pass” System

THQ Community Manager, “Sledgehammer” has recently confirmed that Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine will require an “Elite Pass” to access the game’s full multiplayer experience. Each PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 copy of the grim sci-fi shooter will have a unique single-use code printed on the back the instruction manual; those who buy Space Marine pre-owned without the pass will have to purchase it via PSN and XBL at the hefty sum of $10.

According to Sledgehammer anyone can access the game’s online component, however those who do not activate their Elite Pass will only be able to reach rank 5, severely limiting the scope for progression and character customisation.

Source: Space Marine Official Forum



  1. Tried the demo today. It feels to much like Gears of War for my taste.

    • same here…probably even more clunky than gears.

      • If you guys were aware of the Warhammer universe and its lore, then you would love it. But sadly, not everyone has time to read thousands of wiki pages :P

  2. First game that plays out a role of a true Space Marine.

    • True dat! Loved the Demo, day one for me :)

      • yep played the demo and loved it day one for me, a very expensive month for me what with dead island and resistance 3. Good job its my birthday on the 10th sept and the wife will probably buy one off my daughter for me.

  3. Thought the demo was, well shite. Thq always with the bland graphics…

  4. i liked the demo, but thq can go to hell.

  5. Here’s an idea for people against the pass…buy the game new.

    • hit the nail on the head there, if you buy new there is no problem with the pass system,and if you buy second hand at least you can try on line to see if its for you then pay up for a pass later.

    • Woh Woh Woh, crazy talk there

    • but even if you do, they’re deliberately devaluing your purchase.

      no other industry would be allowed to do that, it defies belief that people will defend games publishers doing that.

      • For gamers who want to enjoy this on launch but aren’t interested in the online component, this smarts. For, it could be perfect. Pick it up over Christmas and not touch online.

  6. With online passes seemingly being the way forward, I think this is a pretty reasonable way to go about it. I’ll have to download the demo and give it a go.

    • It’s Jonny Across-the-pond Foreigner!!!

      • That’s Racist! :D
        God I love using that line :P

      • Howdy pardner. I mean, uh, greetings fine sir, smashing, toodle-pip!

        In other news, I tried the demo. I also burnt the roof of my mouth and also nearly choked on a spoon of cinnamon powder. All similar amounts of fun.

  7. Well I work at blockbuster, so we just use the rental passes (if we don’t someone else will)

    its awesome… especially if I plan on renting it or borrowing it further down the line

  8. thought the demo was mediocre. will wait till its 17.99 then buy it new.

  9. Elite pass??

    Good, another game not to buy.

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