Ruin PS3 And Vita Versions To Come In One Package

[drop2]In an interview with Eurogamer, Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that the PS3 and Vita editions of Diablo-esque RPG Ruin will ship in one box, and it doesn’t sound like it’s the only title which will do so.

Responding to a question about continuing your PS3 games on the move on Vita, Yoshida replied: “One of the games we’re making, called Ruin, we are developing both the Vita version and the PS3 version of that title. Both games will be packaged together.” He continued: “More games like Ruin will be released.”


It’s not just Sony who like the idea of Vita-PS3 game bundles though. “There is lots of interest from publishers and developers to do that”, he said. “At Konami, Kojima-san announced the concept of Transfarring. The initial product will be between PSP and PS3, but he is also talking about between PS3 and Vita.”

There’s more on console and handheld interoperability in the interview, mostly going over what’s been said before, although Yoshida did confirm that more details on PS3 games that use the additional features of the Vita as a controller will be talked about later.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Does this mean that the section at the top of each BD and game case will finally have a purpose?!

    This sounds great, though. I’m hoping this sets a precedent that’s observed by many more companies to bundle, or at least offer at reduced price, both versions of the game. Good for consumer, excellent for brand loyalty.

    • Couldn’t agree more, fantastic idea. There’s no way I would buy the same game twice just to play it on the move, and I would be surprised if many people would.

      • If a game is available for the PS3 and PSP I’ve always bought either one or the other so think it’s a great idea.

  2. I’ve always thought this type of thing would be a great idea. Hopefully we see more games with these features, would like to see the next iterations of mod nation and LBP do something like this. Using Vita as a controller also seems like a really neat idea but does this mean the Vita connects via Bluetooth. Would it be possible to link our bluetooth headsets to the Vita and have x game chat over x platform?

  3. Just hope the bundle won’t be too expensive.

    • top point – developers have much extra work to do, will they only benefit from increased sales, or does the ticket price go up? What about PSN downloads for such games, does the package get split?

  4. And that seals the deal.
    Consider Ruin bought.

  5. Interesting, hope it isn’t restrictive in any way to people with only one console, hope it’s not more expensive (by a lot) either, a little is okay I suppose.

  6. Would they still be sold separately?
    Just because they’re packaged together in a bundle doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to buy it.

    • You’d think so, otherwise they’d be directly contributing to resale lol. I’d certainly have no qualms about selling the PSV version (if I didn’t have a PSV) to a friend.

  7. Very, very smart move. I’m hoping to get a PSV at launch, so this will certainly make purchases easier, as well as cutting down on shelf-space for retail boxes.

    Hopefully the price point will be as competitive as the PSV’s price point.

  8. Hell yeah! Lovin’ this idea. More fab news for Vita.

  9. To be honest it shouldn’t be much more than normal cost if at all. After all it would be the same if you downloaded a game off PSN and downloaded it to a couple of PS3’s or PS3/PSP combo and I don’t see this as anything different.

  10. Really good idea, glad to see it being implemented.

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