‘Ruin’ Renamed

It seems that PS Vita/PS3 title ‘Ruin’ has been renamed to Warrior’s Lair.

Played from an isometric view, this action RPG allows saves to be transferred between both the Vita and PS3, meaning you can continue your game on whatever platform you choose.


Sounds interesting, and a good fit for the Vita.

Source: IGN



  1. Ruin sounded cool, warriors layer is just generic videogame nonsense

    • Yeah I liked the sound of ruin too. Any news on whether the PS3 and Vita versions will be sold together (not having to pay full price for both games)?

  2. Yuck.
    Ruin was much better.

  3. Ruin sounded a bit more unique, this just sounds really generic.

  4. same game not bothered.

  5. Nice to see the save file will transfer. I used to do that with FIFA on PSP/PS2 quite a bit….hopefully this will happen frequently, especially with PSN titles

  6. Ruin was a much better name, but obviously the powers that be disagreed.

  7. Why change a good name for a crappy one, is the game not as good and more generic than it could be aswell? I actually want this game slightly less now. The transfer-stuff is still very cool though.

  8. Warrior’s Lair is more descriptive to people who haven’t read anything else about the game. It helps us narrow down the genre very easily. Ruin is better sounding as a unique game title but more vague.

  9. That sounds very generic. Some might say that they *puts on sunglasses* Ruined the title.

    Ruin was a decent title so why change it? O-o

    • See my reply for possible explanation. :-)

  10. Name change isn’t that important to me, Ruin was cooler, but this will give a better idea as to what the game is like. More importantly, why does the guy smack talk the enemies in the video… So silly..

    • Disagree.

      Name change from the good bot not very descriptive “Ruin” to the crappy but descriptive “Warriors Lair” means they’ve changed their target.

      They are no longer going for “Ruin, I heard about that game and it got great reviews at TSA, I think I’ll buy it”. Instead they are going for “Oooh Warriors, and Lairs. That sounds like the kind of games little Bobby usually plays, maybe I’ll get it. Could you gift wrap it please?”

      Iow, the game will probably turn out to be crap and will rely on a descriptive title and fancy cover to sell.

      (I hope I’m wrong though)

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