Penny Arcade Adventures: OTRSPOD Episode 3 Coming In 2012

A long time back, Penny Arcade and Hothead Games teamed up to make an episodic RPG titled On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness, but it was cancelled after the first two episodes.

The third episode was later released in comic form on the Penny Arcade site, but over at PAX the duo have confirmed that they are working with Zeboyd Games to make that third episode (as well as an upcoming fourth) a reality.


“We originally had the idea of an NES-style RPG last year, but we couldn’t find the right people to do it,” says the company’s Robert Khoo. “After we saw Zeboyd’s Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu Saves the World, we knew we didn’t have to look around anymore. Zeboyd was a perfect match.”

The new episode will see a new direction for the series, with “a retro 16-bit RPG look and style of play”, quite the contrast to the turn-based 3D style of the first two parts.

There are no platforms confirmed for 2012’s Episode 3, but the first two were released on PC, Mac, XBLA and PSN.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Label me aroused… I mean interested.*

    *I don’t.

  2. Looks like I’d better play the two I got off Steam, then…

  3. Loved this, the first two just got the comedy factor spot on, love the comic too

  4. Fun as they were, I’d had enough by the time they were over. This new direction pleases me muchly.

  5. Almost gave up on the idea of seeing episode 3…loved the first two, definitely getting this.

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