Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

A multiplayer reveal trailer of Modern Warfare 3 has been released, showing guns, knives, broken glass and some dog tags (I think!).

So…what do you think?

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  1. Brilliant, looking forward go it even though I’ve not previously enjoyed IWs work as much as Treyarch’s

    • When it comes to multiplayer IW are the best but Treyach make the better single player imo. I know people who are complete opposite though so it’s a matter of preference.

      • I think that’s pretty spot-on actually, although like you said it’s a matter of preference. The only IW games I’ve played are Cod4 and MW2, and while I can’t say I loved MW2’s multiplayer, I certainly loved Cod4’s in comparison to Blops. However, I really thought that Cod4’s singleplayer was much better than Blops, but that may be just my opinion. That, or the fact that I still feel bitter about the launch problems on Blops PS3 :P

    • Oh come on now! brilliant? what exactly is it adding that we haven’t really seen since 4 and MW2? nothing at all. It’s still using the same old engine, same old perks etc and is bringing nothing new to the table at all!

      The more we pour into this tired franchise the more lazy the dev’s get. And if them pulling this trailer from their official YT channel wasn’t enough egg on their faces i don’t know what is.

      Btw I have bought every CoD game, been a massive fan since the days of MoH and have even bought multiple copies of CoD4, WAW, BO and MW2 before people slate me, but that trailer is a bloody disgrace to gamers…..

      • You are acting like a child. If you don’t like the games don’t buy them but don’t expect every other gamer to share your tastes.

      • That last paragraph probably saved this from blowing up into a rammy haha!

      • I’m acting like a child? it’s called criticism just like you are critising me lol! Would you of come at me like that if it wasn’t a TSA writer? probably not….

        And yes i have every right to vent my opinion on a game i feel is now polluting our very own hobby into a quagmire of stale rushed out products with no innovation in sight at all.

      • You keep banging on about innovation, not every game has to innovate. Answer me, will BF3, UC3 and R3 innovate? I think i know the answer :D

      • “that trailer is a bloody disgrace to gamers”

        That is the main point I take issue with. It’s a terrible generalization to make that gamers are just gluttons for punishment when they buy CoD games. It’s been made abundantly clear that many gamers like CoD (record breaking initial and DLC sales) so what’s the matter with giving them a similar but more refined experience? You have other options if you don’t like it but don’t force your enlightened opinions across.

        I apologize if I appeared to discredit your opinion as I in fact agree that Call of Duty is stagnating and needs a reimagining. I took offense to the generalization of your initial comment.

      • I think the phrase if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Surely adding to something that was already successful is a good thing. And in my eyes that’s what’s been done with every cod.
        I for one am really excited for this and have it on preorder along with bf3. :-D it can’t come quick enough.

      • @yiddow i mentioned innovation once, at least BF3 is using a brand new engine ;P

        @ericzap But we as gamers are glutton’s for punishment! How many times have you moaned about their over priced DLC yet then bought it? I have because you get suckered into it as if you are missing out on something!

        Hey each to their own i suppose, i’m more p*ssed off at this company than the people who play these games, i just think they are owed a bit more what with the millions they have suckered us out of over the past few years. Hell i have every right to have my say as i have spent a lot of money on CoD (games, DLC, merchandise etc).

        Btw i have talked with many people who are into a wide range of gaming genres, a lot who are also hardened fans of the series and all are against what they have seen up to now.

      • First of all I’ve bought every single call of duty game, even the psp ones. I enjoyed Call Of Duty 4 and then it really went downhill from there. Nothing has really changed in those 4 years now, it looks the same, plays the same and it’s generally boring I think. Black Ops was a disgrace in my opinion, the multiplayer was broken, everything was slow, and it crashed so many times just in the menu’s, also some of the trophies didn’t even work. Dev’s should have been fired for it. After Black Ops I think the series really needs innovation. Me and a lot of my friends who are big fans of Call of Duty have now ditched it for Battlefield. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this trailer, don’t know why though, it looks exactly the same as MW2. So overall I’m with aphex apart from his opinions on the trailer.

      • COD 4 was stupid amounts of awesome!

      • Valid points @Origami Killer

        I understand all your CoD points, I just fail to see how Bf3 will be the genre’s ‘saviour’

        I don’t feel anything toward Bf3, because MoH mp whilst solid was completely generic & unspectacular and I’ve found nothing but shortcomings in multiplayer modes of BFBC, BF1943 & BFBC2. In short I don’t think Bf3 is the shot in the arm the genre needs. Just look at what Starhawk’s build & battle is doing in the third person genre.

      • @aphex
        Bringing something new to the genre?

        People (I’m talking about people en masse rather than you or I personally) don’t want something new, they want something that’s immense fun with Hollywood blockbuster style set-pieces that they can play with their friends & talk about for months or years afterwards (as still happens with MW1)

        Brink bought something new to the genre with it’s SMART system, Parkour gameplay & it’s campaign mode of seamless bots/multiplayer.
        It didn’t trouble the charts for long & its multiplayer only has a fraction of the popularity of BlOps, I’m sure some people play it, but the ~80 people on my fiends list never seemed to be playing it by the time it was 2 weeks old, compare that with MW2 or BlOps which are played daily by far more than a couple of TSAians

        The fast gameplay of CoD with great set-pieces seems to be what people want, not something new.

        And as for talk about the ‘same old engine’ That’s a massively flawed & therefore moot point. All sequels reuse evolved versions of engines. The CoD engine evolves loads every iteration, perhaps if Acti branded it better as the IW Engine x.x and released a series of trailers regarding its particle effects, or the kind of Dead Space-esque lighting seen in some sections of BlOps, or the obviously massively increased animation that all the hands-on has talked about for MW3 etc & etc. Sure it’s not 720p, but neither are many of the greatest games ever made & when it comes down to it this ‘same old engine’ & it’s double framerate pushes more pixels per second on to the screen than its forthcoming rival. Acti won’t release tech trailers though because they know that more people care about content & experience than specs.

      • I’m not saying BF3 is the genre saviour, I just feel like something new. Even though MOH was everything we’ve seen before it felt gritty and real which I like (was playing it 5mins ago) and I think BF3 will give me the same feeling. Where as with COD it’s too fast and arcade (which i know millions love which is fe)

      • aphex187- you said that MW3 brings no new engine? i would like to add that it has a completely new engine! so get your facts straight before you post stuff like that! i dont mean to come at you or anything, but BF3 andddd MW3 are comin out with innovations and new game engines that will change what games look like and how they play.

    • @cc

      If it’s what you say it is then why did IW or whoever put the video up on the official CallofDuty YT channel take it down after only one positive comment ‘Nice’? If you have made a truly amazing, fun online FPS the next step is to show the world wouldn’t it? So why was it quickly taken down???

      And nothing new to the genre?

      Also BRINK was an excellent title that suffered from framerate problems, clunky controls and poor online connectivity and unfortunately never quite recovered! I applaud the devs for taking out K/D ratios in game which in turn created a better team based experience.

      • Let’s not kid ourselves, BF3 on the consoles is really BFBC3 with enhanced/tweaked gameplay & graphics, this is due to a restriction to 24players(16 on tdm on consoles.) What made/makes BF is 64 players.
        MW3 enhanced/tweaked gameplay & graphics.
        So what is BF3 doing to drastically innovate on BFBC2 that i missed?
        Don’t be fooled by the title Battlefield, because it isn’t at least for consoles. Reduced map size & player count of BF gives you BFBC.

        Buy or don’t buy, me i’m buying both. Quit the fanboy bullshit, it’s old & boring.

        R.Bowling has stated, that they’ve looked into ways to make MW3 less k/d ratio orientated & more team based.

      • minus my regretful comment on fanboys.

    • You’re the only person who enjoys Treyarch’s games more than IW’s lol, fail.

      Treyarch are one of the worst developers out there. Buggy games. Buggier than MW2.

      • @Awayze, I prefer Treyarch in the single player (only world at war, blops was terrible) but infinty ward for multipayer. So he’s not the only one as I’m split between the two.

      • What, this video is on YT, don’t get your point.
        Loads of vids go live before they should or get moved around all the time anyway.

        And your linked vid, I must have missed something what’s new, all I saw was normal FPS type stuff?

  2. Lovely trailer. Hope the game refines what’s come before it and pushes firmly into new territory too. The latter might be a little hopeful but I’m feeling positive today. :-)

  3. Looks no different to MW2. I see no innovation. I think it’s time someone freshened up the genre like COD4 did. RIP COD.

    • Ah, the CoD bashing begins. You know this is only a 3 minute trailer right? I suspect you are wrong and similarly to Uncharted 3, BF3, Resitance 3, Infinity Ward have probably listened to the community (such as ditching the “Commando” perk) and have tweaked and balanced the game. All said games don’t need innovating if they are popular, as the sales would suggest.

      • so an opinion on the trailer is now instant COD bashing? stop trolling and let people say what they think, thats what the articles asks. I personally think it looks outdated and very similar to the last one. If thats what people want, then fair enough, but he is right, there is nothing new really and is fast becoming boring compared to other FPS games out there.

      • Firstly I’m not trolling, I am apposing his opinion, constructively. I have not stopped this guy saying anything, and am sure he can respond it me if he wants. Do you not think it unfair to declare a series dead based on a short trailer, where there has been no review or even preview of the game yet? I just think that is hasty and have said as such.

        Secondly you are wrong. Loads of things have been changed to improve it. They have reintroduced loads of the old perks that people wanted, as well as new ones. Killstreaks have been balanced, new real world locations, game-modes. And yes, generally that is what people want year on year, the same as FIFA, U3, BF3, R3…otherwise, just leave it alone.

      • and you know all of this because you have also seen the new previews etc?? Nope. Bringing back old perks is going back to what they had before, nothing knew. They had to because the perks/killstreaks they brought into the COD game made it worse. Yes its great tweaking a game to make it better, but not bringing anything new (can’t see anything really in the trailer) is pretty much releasing an old game with updates. You might aswell just patch the old game and create new maps.
        Anyway, each to their own, he was only stating an opinion, and you come in all high and mighty like he is “COD bashing” because he gave an opinion. I backed him up and now you don’t like it. Grow up and let people say what they want. Variety is the spice of life after all….I think.

      • Firstly thankyou Bilbo.

        Secondly I have not declared the series dead “based on a short trailer”. I have based my comments on the previous 3, quite frankly, awful COD games that I have purchased ( [email protected], MW2 and Black Ops). You state that “Games don’t need innovating if they’re popular” but that is wrong. Look at what Activision did to the insanely Guitar Hero franchise by resting on their laurels and producing year after year of garbage, until EA came along and rejuvenated the genre by adding new instruments etc.

        You can’t sell a game every year with a 6 hour campaign and a few tweaks and expect people to lap it up year after year, eventually interest will fade and people will ask why they need to buy a new game if last years one was essentially the same. COD is going to go the same way as other Activision published games like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero because Activision just dont know when to say enough is enough.

      • I’m not going to continue trying to justify my arguments to you. I don’t mind someone saying they don’t like something so long as it’s justified.

        Bilbo – I do know they have changed things as I’ve seen Robert Bowling’s tweets and take a keen interest on how MW3 is coming along. So the guns perks, killstreaks, locations, game-modes all in the trailer aren’t new? And there are undoubtable other new things that we aren’t aware of yet. There is only so much you can do to a FPS. I can’t imagine BF3 has anything more innovative that doesn’t keep the game as a realistic, current-day shooter; and you can’t compare either of these to other FPS like Brink. So why don’t EA keep “just updating” FIFA with player transfers and new kits – they are a business and the core elements of the game are improved and tweaked each year. As for you backing him up, I couldn’t give a monkeys, I’m a big boy and am sure I’ll cope.

        Jaffa – you say you based you opinion of CoD being dead on the series. Well how do you know, based on the little that you’ve seen of MW3, that this outing won’t revive the series? It’s a possibility. I hope it will improve on MW2 as it certainly had it’s share of flaws. You make a good point about innovation and Guitar Hero – I think the introduction of the Survivor mode will bring something new.

        Both – so if the format is the same each year, are you going to criticise every Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, BF3, Gran Turismo, MGS, Resident Evil (I could go on) trailer? No, I doubt it. Loads of games have proven you can “sell a game every year with a 6 hour campaign and a few tweaks” and be successful, MW3 is not doing anything new.

      • Well UC3 I would buy for the Single Player, its a new story and probably one of the best games around for everything. It brings something new to its genre each time, which is why its so popular. R3 is also the same, it has a well made Single Player campaign, and also reinvents its MP each time. COD on the other hand hasn’t. Just changed perks/maps/killstreaks. Its run on a very old engine thats out of date, it brings nothing new. Not all games have to bring something new, but that trailer looks dated, and pretty similar to the old COD games. I have also bought all COD games since COD4, and they have gradually got boring IMO. Anyway, each to their own, I just didn’t like the fact you came out saying the COD bashing has begun, just because someone didn’t like what they saw. It’s their opinion and no one says the same stuff on other genres, other than FPS for some reason.

        Anyway, I hope it is a good game as it creates good competition in its genre, so fingers crossed for COD gamers who like it.

      • Ok, perhaps I was wrong to say he was bashing but as you can see from a lot of the comments, people seem to just trash this game before there is even had a detailed preview. It only happens with CoD, and as a fan, it is frustrating to look through many negative comments just to find something that is either fair or constructive. I’m not a huge fan of F1 games but I sure as hell won’t leave comments negative, or run it into the ground saying it’s not innovative – it doesn’t have to be.

        I could use your comments about UC3 on MW3, the same applies. I can’t see now UC2 changed much from UC1 and I’ve played them both, no more than MW2 from MW1, it’s just a new story (same as MW3 will be). The engine might be old but it’s good, so why change it? BO was laggy and MW3 will be 60fps. I don’t think MW has needed to change the multiplayer that much as it’s already so popular, so it’s obviously working – just look how many people still play it. Sure it’s not going to suit everyone.

        On reflection Jaffa’s comments aren’t nearly as harsh as some of these BF fanboys. I am looking forward to both MW3 and BF3.

    • @Youles since when has Uncharted been a game thats released yearly? you insinuated it was when you said about franchise’s like COD and Fifa,then you say nothing changed bar single player from U1 To U2? when the cover system was crisper,the combat more fluent,Graphics were twice as good,Online added ect there a big list off improvements! it may sound as i’m an Uncharted fanboy quite the opposite im a COD fanboy bought every Game and DLC since COD4 but the franchise has gone stale since COD:WoW in my opinion yes i’ll buy this game as always but i can guarantee by new year i’ll be back to COD4

    • U1 to U2 was a bad example. Lets look at U2 to U3. Same graphics (their brilliant, but still, seen it before), carbon copy gameplay, multiplayers had tweaks (like CoDs has), new campaign. That’s it. Also you do realise they make 2 CoDs at one time? So it’s not like when Blops came out they started straight on MW3, they have 2 studios, handling two different CoDs. It takes them 2 years to make a CoD game, and UC3 will have taken 2 years to make, and both have minimal differences to their predecessors. UC gets off lightly though because it’s so heavily rimmed by people, where as CoD gets slated because it seems nowadays the cool thing to do is hate CoD. Both though, are refining the experience that they know is a success. No problem, people will lap it up and enjoy it.

      Also looked at a youtube video of UC3 yesterday and someone said ‘Anyone else getting sick of Uncharted?’, it made me think, give it until UC4 and then the bandwagon will start its engines.

    • comparing bops/waw to any mw insults me.

    • UC2 character models look far superior to 3 imo, also drakes’ face looks weird in 3.

  4. its mw2 same animations same guns same killstreak they know CoD prints money so they just put in a few new textures fuck CoD most overrated franchise ever

    • Well that’s a little harsh isn’t it? While I don’t think the animations have changed much from MW2, there are definitely new, cool weapons that they (IW) have put into the game in addition to the popular ones. The killstreaks especially have received some pretty big tweaks and , in my opinion, for the better. For example, I really like how they’ve grouped the killstreaks into different categories that act (and activate) differently based on the role you want to play, IW have even improved the lighting effects by a large margin. They may not look as good as BF3’s glorious (even on consoles) lighting engine, IW’s is more than good enough.

      By the way, I’m the biggest Battlefield fanboy, but after seeing this and other recent trailers and reading some leaked info, I’ve completely changed my attitude toward MW3

    • hmm you just described bfbc2 to bf3 perfectly.

  5. Love how at 3:12 he switches scopes on his gun!

    • Well spotted, that looks really cool.

  6. I think I’m done with Call of Duty multiplayer, although some of those European locations looked like they could be fun, I’ve got other games impressing me much more with their multiplayer footage. This will probably be a 2012 game for me for the singleplayer and spec ops, even if the supermarkets do a deal.

  7. Looks like a few minor changes have been made. This is going to cause a lot of problems with the press due to the destroyed London Tube trains. :-/ It will be interesting to see the two giants battle it out in the charts in November.

  8. looks awesome =] cant wait

  9. looks really good i use to hate COD games but this year all my mates got BO on PS3 so playing with them got me addicted to it.

    • In my opinion Black Ops is one of the worst CoD games, so you should really enjoy this – looks awesome!

      • The colouring/art style in first location looks like bops, hoping just the tube, as i hate t-archs presentation & love iwards.

      • Same here – the trailer doesn’t show enough first person gameplay for my liking, it looks a lot like the work of Treyarch (a lot of their trailers were 3rd person). However it is early days in terms of what we’ve seen. If it has some of the guns and killstreaks of MW2, with the balancing of MW1, and decent security & support then I’ll be very happy!

  10. I wonder what the dog tag things were all about.

    • I think the dog tags were game mode related. At the beginning it said the game type was “Kill confirmed”, which is dog tag related.

      • Indeed a stand alone game mode. After killing your target, collection of tag is required for confirmation.

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