Call Of Duty XP Keynote

It may be videogame conference season with Gamescom, TGS, Eurogamer Expo and GAMEfest all happening within weeks of each other, but some titles are just too big to cram into someone else’s trade show. With the world’s biggest entertainment release on their hands, Activision has hosted their first Call Of Duty XP event; a two day fan experience rather unsurprisingly geared towards all things Call Of Duty. With the launch of Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon, and elements of the new freemium service ‘Call Of Duty Elite’ still to be full announced, there was a whole lot to talk about.

The video below is of the whole keynote presented by Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg. Proceedings kick off with a great montage from the CoD series to date, and goes on to première the multiplayer including some of the maps and the new Kill Confirmed deathmatch mode. Hirshberg also talks about the ‘FindMakarov’ live action fan film that spread online earlier this year, and how Activision loved it so much they’ve funded a sequel. This premières just before the 9 minute marker.


With the free version of Call Of Duty Elite currently in beta, Hirshberg took the opportunity to detail the premium elements including the fully inclusive monthly DLC, daily competitions with both real world and virtual prizes, pro analysis and strategy and Elite TV (featuring the directing talents of Ridley and Tony Scott). Of course there is lots more to see, so you can watch the keynote below, or hit the source link to view it in HD.

Source: YouTube.



  1. Wow, that’s a long YouTube video.

  2. I saw the MP trailer the other day which looked amazing, and the Hardened Edition sounds like an absolute bargin! I want to know what the Prestige Edition has though, it’ll have to be even crazier than the previous two!

  3. Was very impressed with the keynote and the game. Cannot wait.

  4. Wow, they’ve gone all out with that conference, haven’t they? Good to see!
    I’m not too excited about the multiplayer on this, will give it a dabble eventually as I do with any game (just like to see what it’s like). The single player should be good fun though!
    The premium elements of Call of Duty Elite sound pretty good if you’re into that stuff as well. Kudos.

  5. Got bored a while in.. I think it’s great that the money is going to charity, but it kind of depresses me that a franchise has such a majority that it gets a conference to itself. It just confirms that it will never die really, and that sucks, although I enjoy it, all franchises need to end or be massively redesigned to stop them getting stale…

  6. Looks so damn good and it has such depth too. Can’t wait!

  7. As an analyst, I’d put UK price of Elite at £29.99….which when you think about it if you ARE going to buy all DLC is amazing value. The Jeep stuff is just bollocks, pointless advertisement. However, I am MOST impressed with Robert Bowling. That dude has taken in so much genuinely good advice and has appeared to put it all to excellent use. Well done sir.

    • I think we’ll be looking at £39.99 minimum, but hope I’m wrong.

      I agree that it really does sound like they have listened to the fans this time around. Definately interested in the hardened edition, will just have to wait and see just how good BF3 is as don’t have time for both…

    • Just checked on GAME and hardened edition is priced at £89.99 against £44.99 for standard. Would say from that Elite has got to be at least £39.99 if bought seperately?

      • its £34.99 per year. If you buy through gamestation, theres a code i posted in the forum to get a couple of quid off, plys, when you add it to basket, its 79.99 not 89.99.

      • Sounds about right, thanks for the update.

  8. There will be no Prestige Edition

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