WeView Verdict: Metal Gear Solid 4

For the last few weeks I’ve talked about wanting to see a difference of opinion in these WeView verdicts. This week that’s pretty much gone out the window, I wasn’t exactly expecting a lot of discord with this title. I’m not a huge fan of what I’ve seen of the game, but I think I’m in a pretty tiny minority. And anyway I haven’t actually played MGS4 so I can’t really pass judgement on it.

Whilst there wasn’t much of a split in opinion this week, we did have a few voices that went against the consensus, some rebels who didn’t agree with what everyone else was saying. One of these was Pritchie101, who had this to say about Snake’s adventure:

I thought MGS 4 didn’t include enough gameplay, and the small amounts of gameplay you got, was boring. I love all the others, and I see why critics adore this one, but it is an AVOID from me. I’m the only person on Earth who thought it was pretty dull. So, that’s it.

Next it’s time to do a 180 and look at those of you who were more positive about that game. That’s not to say that disliking the game is bad, just that Pritchie101 was almost the only one who did. So onto stueee‘s comments on the game, in which he looks at the game’s variety.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is a fantastic experience. Even if you take away everything about it being Metal Gear Solid, the actual gameplay is brilliant. Theres so many ways to get through each area, and interact with the game. The different teams of enemies are a great addition as it gives you different ways to approach each situation. But as it is a Metal Gear game, the average fan would expect lots of story and a rollcoaster ride through the game.

Now I feel we’ve been far too normal so far, so let’s take a small dip into insanity by turning things over to solidsteven. You don’t get much crazier than that without being held for observation, although he’s surprisingly normal when sharing his thoughts on Snake’s final adventure.

The player will feel what the characters are feeling. I can’t go too deep into the story due to possible spoilers but there is one scene which sees Snake suffer and the player will feel his pain as well. The story is perfect. It ties up all loose ends and is filled with a fair bit of plot twists. It is cutscene heavy but that is what is expected from MGS.

The cutscenes are obviously worthy of note in MGS4, but it can hardly of come as a shock to anyone. Although they weren’t huge in Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2 was almost overflowing with them.

Finally, let’s turn to someone I don’t think I’ve featured before; it’s always nice to show appreciation for those who haven’t taken part before. Not only that but MadBoJangles manages to sum everything up quite nicely here:

It can be frustrating, I got caught a lot at first. But you can just run and gun if you like, though that kinda misses the point (for me at least) of the game. Epic boss battles, a story that’s enough to scramble anybodies head-eggs and it can be picked up for cheap these days… what’s to think about?

I’m fairly sure you all know what comes next, the verdict. There was never going to be much doubt over this, but we did have two votes out of ten for Avoid It. However they stand unheeded, with the remaining eight of you who took part giving it a rating of Buy It. So there you have it, a little disagreement but still an overwhelming decision.



  1. I still havent completed it. I’m not fussed on playing MGS 1,2,3 so i wiki’d their story so I was upto speed. I got to the end of chapter one. Watched the beginning of chapter 2 but never got back into it. I really should at some point!

    • the HD collection seems right up your street

  2. I think MGS as a series panders to a certain audience, and certainly you can run’n’gun your way through it, but its designed to be played in a certain way, to give the player that experience and feeling of stealth espionage.
    and whilst the series is terrific and panders to that audience, the amount of cutscenes are sometimes needed and gameplay in MGS4 is pandered completely out the window. This coming from a longtime fan of the franchise. I prefer Snake Eater the best.

    • that should read, amount of cutscenes ‘unneeded’

    • Snake Eater is easily the best. An absolute treat of a game. And hunting those frogs was a laugh too. Except for one of the buggers on the motorbike scene.

  3. Chapter 3 kicks off… Play it again

  4. The Metal Gear Solid series is the finest gaming experience i’ve come across. While MGS3 is my faviourite game of all time, MGS4 is the best game of all time. MGS3 was innovative and utterly mesmerizing, thus it has the top spot in my heart, but in terms of the actual game, MGS4 is sublime. Amazing graphics, deep and emotional story coupled with _The_ greatest cutscenes, and so much variety in it, I can’t even begin to explain all the differnt bosses / weapons / gameplay / maps / features / ect..

    And if anyone who has not played this, and does not get it because of a ‘lack of trophy support’ I can no longer be friends with you :P (But seriously, get it)

  5. I never completed it. I was halfway through 2nd chapter when i decided to show off the game intro to a mate. realised then i had to re-install the 1st chapter but had already hyped it up too much to back down. Friend was suitably impressed thankfully . Then restarted the game and played through to third chapter only to get ylod, losing all my game saves.That was two and a half years ago and since then the combination of having to begin all over again, multiple installs, not enough gameplay vs story, vainly waiting for a trophy patch and having too many other games to play mean i haven’t returned to it.

  6. \o/ my review was used.

    MGS4 is one of the best games that i have ever played. If you are the run and gun type, you will get killed a lot as there is a lot of emphais on stealth. I think the ending cutscene is 90 minutes long. :o But it is worth watching it as it ties up any remaining loose ends.

    If you are refusing to get this game due to no trophy support, you are missing out on an excellent game. You may need some tissues near the end of act 4. But it is a MGS game so there has to be a sad scene.

    If i have the spare cash, i plan on getting MGS HD collection so that i can say that i own every MGS is there.(excluding Portable Ops) and to have many hours of fun. I generally can’t find 1 thing that i don’t like about it. :o If i were to give it a proper review. I would give it a 10/10 Snakes. :) So get it if you want an engaging story and fancy saving the world(again).

    • ” You may need some tissues near the end of act 4″
      Always wondered where the Mei Ling kit off glitch was :O)

  7. MGS4 was my first MGS game, played it for about 30 mins when I got it and hated it, then one christmas gave it another stab. Loved every second of it that time, especially the cut scenes. When one started, we paused the game and made popcorn as we knew it was going to last at least half an hour.

    • Been there, done that, got the tooth decay!

  8. My least favourite Playstation3 exclusive (apart from Lair of course…)

    If I wanted to watch a movie I would put a dvd in my PS3. Likewise if I wanted crappy game play I would put in Bodycount

    • :O, if you look beyond the looooong cutscenes (ones on the planes aren’t important imo, the briefing) inside is a great game, and awesome online mode..once that stupid Konami is sorted and saved, hehe

      Everyone is different of course :)

      • Yeah, sorry I should have mentioned that I love MGS 1 and 2, have never played 3 but really didn’t like 4. Weird I know :D

  9. one of the best games I have played.

  10. Superb game, absolutely phenomenal. Kojima is truly a virtuoso of game design.

    • Greatest game, pinnacle of the series. A must for any gaming fan. A true epic finale. A complete triumph.

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