“Dev Build” Of Dead Island On Steam

Dead Island seems to be having a few problems, first it receives a rather humongous patch to make it more healthy and now users on Steam are reporting the version they have downloaded is a dev build.

Players have discovered they can clip through walls, references to Xbox Live, server verification codes and even PS3 virtual memory allocations.


A moderator on an unofficial Dead Island forum has posted that he has “heard ‘unofficially’ from someone that it is indeed the wrong version.”

Deep Silver has yet to comment.

Update: Techland has responded to Eurogamer:

Techland is currently investigating this information and we’ll do everything we can to make sure everyone can enjoy playing their copy of Dead Island,” a spokesperson told us.

Deep Silver is a part of every release process and any further updates will come from the game’s publisher

Source: Steam



  1. Loooooooool. I don’t think a developer has ever screwed up an online release that badly, unless i’m mistaken.

    • Someone got drunk at the office maybe? :P

  2. Jese, glad I held fire getting this one. They don’t exactly sound very professional…

  3. Sureley they have people that check things like this such as a quality control section. Epic fail for them!

  4. Facepalm with a melee weapon – that’s gotta sting!
    Did i say i was choosing DI over R3?.. hmmm, not so sure anymore.

  5. Stop the press Pc game in buggy mess shocker,and they wonder why stores don’t stock anything but the sims anymore.
    My Pc is a vaguely unwelcome Rpg/google bitch.

    • lol! mine too! and of course certain “artistic” sites are viewed

    • A tad unnecessary as PC games are no more buggy than their console counterparts. As with any particular game having bugs; it’s normally when the title is multi-platform.

      This simply sounds like someone submitted the wrong package to Steam.

      • If anything, pc games are LESS buggy. Looking at fallout, oblivion etc.

      • This was just a mistake. Windows probably gives games more bugs then they have anyways, PC ports of multi-platform games are always usually the best.

      • Didn’t mean to come off harsh but Pc gaming prior to Hd consoles used to be my main gaming source,it was a flip to the shoddiness with which Pc games are generally published.A practice which has led us to a day 1 patch culture.
        There used to be two kinds of Pc games,buggy or Id/Blizzard releases whose patches generally were based off user feedback to improve rather than to fix.
        Anyway i was ranting at my own situation not anyone elses sry.

  6. *facepalm* god help us…from heartless publishers

  7. Truly an astounding epic fail. That said I think we should be more worried if we find out it was the correct version of the game.

  8. How the feck can they mess up putting the correct version? Did they go “hey, you, yes you, the newbie, can you put Dead Island Steam for us? Make sure to open the folder named Dead Island and not the one called Dead Island”. That’s very basic to do. Then again, if that was the correct version then bleed dino on a stick that is shoddy coding.

  9. is it just me still looking forward to it then ? ;)

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