Modern Warfare 3 ‘Tango Down’ Multiplayer Trailer

The last MW3 ‘Tango Down’ trailer got a bit of a mixed reaction. One of the sticking points was the decision to use a lot of views from the third person perspective. Well the good news is a new multiplayer trailer is out, and everything is now viewed in first person.


Source: YouTube



  1. Looks. So. Good. Hope it doesn’t disappoint…

    • Looks. The. Same?

      • As. Does. Almost. Every. Sequel….
        But thats why I can’t wait for next Unchartered, MW, Batman ……and they’re all in a 1 month period!

      • Tell me about it, skyrim comes out 3 days after mw3. Heavy on the wallet, but great for my collection.

      • Graphics wise yes, but after sitting down to watch that hour COD XP vid I’m certain they’ve done a lot of stuff behind the graphics

  2. cannot wait! Just to let people know, Incase you dont check the forums (why wouldnt you?! Huh? Huh?) You can order the Hardened Edition from Gamestation for £71.99. Use Code MVC10 at the check out for the discount.

    • And it comes with 1 years CoD Elite subscription (which itself gives you all the DLC), so the extra you pay for the Hardened Edition you actually get back!

    • tried the code and it didn’t work :/

    • A good deal, but if i can get mw3 from asda, for the usual £30 & subscription for £35, i’ll be happy.

    • A good deal, but if i can get mw3 from asda, for the usual £30 & subscription for £35, i’ll be happy. My P+ runs out 9/9, a fair trade i think. Actually i’ll get alot more use & pleasure out of xp.

      • i havent renewed ps+. I havent really had a lot of benefit from it. hardly used any of the free games that came with it.

      • Over half the the games I got free on PS+ still work after it expired.

      • As i understand it, elite is seperate from the game, a web site. If every function isn’t compatible with the ps3 browser, they’ve lost a customer. Hoping i misunderstood & it’s accessible ingame.

      • re elite, a friend has informed me it’s ingame. Regardless of compatibility, this is great news, as it will get much more use.

    • I got it for £64.99 from Blockbusters – they have pulled it now and have put it back up for £79.99 I think. Although they have said they will honour it – So I’m happy, real bargain!

  3. Looks good, although some of the animations seem sped-up…hopefully that’s just the trailer.

    There are some new trailers available showing the new perks and Custom Class menus…and you can now assign a killstreak setup to each Class, yay!

  4. The helicopter thing is copied from Homefront and the dog tags from Crysis 2. Apart from that it looks fast and exciting.

    • The little UAV helicopter that you control? If that’s what you mean it was in Bad Company 2 before Homefront. if not, don’t mind me :)

      • It was Ghost Recon 2 first ;P

      • well I’m mistaken :P then I can’t grumble at that

    • unmaned uav/drones were in real life first.

      • Um… Guys, come on. Have you ever played James Bond NightFire? They have the helis and tanks. Also, I would not be surprised, if another JB games did it before. I’ve only played the original GoldenEye, AGent under fire, and NightFire, but a lot of features in modern shooters are from James Bond. I’m only 17, and I’m old enough to remember these games. How come people always forget about them?

  5. Not that there is anything wrong with MW2 (if you’re into that kind of thing), but this looks EXACTLY the same. As far as multiplayer is concerned this really is MW2.3.

    …and because no one else has done it yet – BF3 looks better. :P

    • It looks the same, (nothing wrong with that), it’s the balancing that’s been improved and the perk/killstreak systems:

    • Why work hard on a game improving graphics and stuff when people will buy it regardless?

      • Its such a shame they have that mentality…

    • Must be seeing different footage here, as alot of things are different. I’m not starting anything here, but apart from it’s really good graphics, what does BF3 bring new to the table that BFBC2 didn’t? Jets? They were in a old BF (Correct me if i’m wrong), just like MW3 is bringing back old weapons and perks. Really theres nothing drastically different in either, both are using their (already proven) successful formula. Nothing wrong with that as they are both great.

      • Actually BF3 has a whole new games engine, MW3 doesn’t, MW is 600p upscaled to 1080p, you’d think by now IW would have at least upped the graphics to 720p.

        BF3’s gameplay will be more fast and more COD like not like boring BFBC2 :/

      • @jakAwayze, fast as cod, really?
        have u watched the alpha trailers, sprinting for half the map with no enemy in sight.

      • [email protected], saying that BF3 will be better than COD because it will be more like COD. What kind of logic is that???????

      • err… jak? lol. where, who?

    • but same as bfbc2.
      Let’s not kid ourselves, BF3 on the consoles is really BFBC3 with enhanced/tweaked gameplay & graphics, this is due to a restriction of 24players(16 on tdm for consoles.) What made/makes BF is 64 players. MW3 enhanced/tweaked gameplay & graphics. So what is BF3 doing to drastically innovate on BFBC2 that i missed? Don’t be fooled by the title Battlefield, because it isn’t at least for consoles. Reduced map size & player count of BF gives you BFBC. Buy or don’t buy, me i’m buying both. R.Bowling has stated, that they’ve looked into ways to make MW3 less k/d ratio orientated & more team based.

      Trailer looks sweet, nice one dan.

      • I’m buying both too. That is.. BF3 on PC and BF3 on PS3. As someone who logged over 300hrs in BF2 and about the same across BFBC1/2 I really don’t agree that it’s (just) 64 players that makes BF as enjoyable as it is. Even the smallest BF maps feel massive compared to the cramped maps of CoD, add in the freedom of vehicles and now destruction and to me it’s a much richer gameplay experience. Some of the better BF games I’ve had were on servers with less than 20 people in them!

        As for innovation, wiki Frostbite, then wiki IW Engine and see for yourself how much more effort DICE have put into improving the core game engine. BF seems to advance in large leaps each generation, whereas CoD has moved in small incremental steps. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a successful business model – but personally I’m bored of it.

        I’ve played Cod 1/2/3/4(MW)/WAW/MW2/BLOPS. CoD 2 and 4 were easily the best BUT CoD 4 is 4 years old now and I’m not seeing anything worth me getting excited about in MW3.

        Anyway, looks good for CoD addicts but if I need my twitch shooter fix it’ll be the re-release of Counter Strike with kb/m support for PS3 and cross platform play (PC/MAC/PS3).

      • Jesse knows what he’s talking about and I was grumbling on the original trailer that popped up here the fact that after the millions they have raked in surely this franchise is in need of a overhaul? If it ain’t broke you could say but really this notion that BF isn’t gonna bring anything new to the table has alot of people deluded! I played the alpha and I had some amazing experiences on it which I haven’t had in quite sone years.

        Maybe come back when both games are released, buy them and then maybe give your own personal view on what you like or don’t like, there’s nothing worse than pretending to think you know something when in fact you don’t. ;)

      • @e8 Actually, DICE has confirmed 24 players in TDM on all platforms.

      • in deed they have, my bad, it’s no vehicles on tdm.

        since nobody has played on platforms(if they have, not come forward) that would put you in my boat too.
        i was merely highlighting the difference 64-24 will make & how do you know what fps i’ve played.

      • @aphex187
        I know your a wind up merchant & i know i’ve played bf2(gaming since acorn/bbc & atari.) put that in ur pipe & smoke it.

      • edit scratch w.u.merchant, add rude & disrespectful. BF3 is probably an 18, so either your too young to play it, if not isn’t about time you learnt some manners?

      • Haha sorry m8 if i came across as being rude but coming from the EA BF forums which has a lot of people moaning on about the game, people having a go at each other over MW and BF3 on various sites i think the hysteria has probably got to me!!

        What i was trying to say is wait till BF finally arrives, i think you’ll find that it’s nothing like BC2 which a lot of people are presuming it’s going to be. I absolutely loved it m8, i haven’t felt like wanting to play a game so much for quite a few years like i did with the Alpha.

        Btw i’m 38 and first proper gaming machine besides a pong type device was a BBC 32k ;) Again sorry if i came over like a tw**!

  6. awesome!!! love the one shot one kill bit

  7. I much prefer this trailer to the previous!

  8. Looks more of the exact same. Painfully average and unimpressive in comparison to Battlefield 3 (which is gonna be AWESOME!) :)

    • Let’s try to keep the CoD bashing to a minimum ;P I’m a diehard Battlefield fan, but I must say I rather like the new killstreaks and killstreak mechanics they’ve put in, like Support killstreaks not resetting after a death.

  9. looks brilliant. Brings back all the MW2 memories. Still think the handling on MW2 was best FPS. hopefully this will be pretty much the same with slight improvements to areas such as the balancing between perks and the kill streaks. BF3 looks good as well (Before everyone complains about it being better than this based on zero play time) :-)

  10. looks great. loads more gadgets to play with!!! just hope that they’ve done away with the COD points ftom Black Ops. (ooh 17+ rating, why bother?)

    • Agreed with that COD points. Hated them.

      • same here, got confusing and didn’t really need them. This trailer is much better than the last one, still its not my cup of tea anymore, but I hope its better than the last, that was truely terrible.

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