Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge Launches Soon. Ish.

The team behind Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge hoped to have the game out before the start of the Rugby World Cup, which happens to be today.

Home Entertainment Suppliers managing director Sebastian Giompaolo has said they have run in to a few ‘unforeseen circumstances’ and the game will now arrive on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sometime between 23rd September and 21st October. A PlayStation Vita version will follow next year.

You can read our hands on with the game here and you may be interested to know that on the latest Official PlayStation Magazine podcast, Editor Ben Wilson describes the game as ‘the FIFA of Rugby games’. High praise indeed.

Source: Eurogamer


  1. That’s a pity. Was hoping to get review code soon enough :(

    Hopefully it’s better than RWC 2011. It does look a lot better.

    • I think I’ll have to fight Peter for the review of the game.

  2. This defo looks better than RWC 2011. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  3. I literally just put a google news search on this to find out when it was out. TC are you reading my mind?

    • No, I’m in a tree outside your bedroom, looking through the window with a pair of binoculars.

      • make sure that you don’t fall or….you’ll be going to hell…to be molested by horny birds (I think it was?)

      • Even weirder as there are no trees… must be invisible

  4. I dont really like Rugby that much, however I do find rugby games quite fun! PS3 has been crying out for a next gen rubgy game, which I am sure will be EA’s attempt

  5. Doubt it as Ulster…wait? is this international?

  6. This is one game I’d love to have.
    Might even get it twice when the Vita version rolls around.

  7. I got an email saying it had been delayed, gutted :(

  8. Ah well, no point rushing it now.

  9. I dont follow rugby, but the games can be pretty fun, always preferred them to football ones too.. Shame they can’t release when they wanted :(

    • I believe they claimed that the Vita would be released in this year? i’m not reakky sure

  10. Hopefully the game will reflect Rugby Union exactly, you know lots of rolling about on the floor, referee blowing his whistle for God knows what, aerial ping pong and posh folk wondering why the upper classes are so crap at sport………………….wink,wink.

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