Jonah Lomu Sliding Onto Vita Soon

Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge had a decent debut on the PS3 and XBox 360. It must be difficult for a new sports game, especially one that’s representing a sport that doesn’t have the global following of football or the massive dedicated US audience of the US sports. But Rugby Challenge did okay for itself.

Now the game is sliding in for a try on the Vita. It’ll be released at the end of June and feature 96 teams and 31 stadia. Sidhe, who have excellent pedigree with rugby games, has secured some licenses for official teams including the Wallabies and the All Blacks.


Vita’s special controls are accounted for, too, with touchscreen and rear touch surface being used for sprinting and line-outs, among other things. It all sounds very promising and should be arriving just after England’s involvement in the football this summer has come to an end and I’m resigning myself to us being good at a different sport instead.

Source: IGN



  1. Hello PS2! ;) In all seriousness, it’s nice to see someone giving Rugby another shot.

  2. It’s another vita game weather people buy it or not at least they thought of the vita :) good on them

  3. Didn’t really enjoy Rugby Challenge on PS3, and RWC 2011 wasn’t great either, the button mashing ruined it. Hopefully it will work well on Vita, at least they’ve got the licenses, but I still can’t see it selling well.

  4. I wonder if it’ll be cheaper than the PS3 version. Keep seeing it in Game for £40 odd quid, even a few weeks back.

    Have been thinking about grabbing this and if it’s under £30 on Vita, will give it a try. (Not that I’m any good on sports games but I am a rugby fan).

  5. I like sports games but never played a Rugby one. So I hope this is fun to play!

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