Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge Already ‘Sold Out’

MCV are reporting that almost the entire day one stock of Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge has been allocated to pre-orders.

Alternative Software MD Roger Hulley said, “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response. Our entire allocation of console stock has been snapped by stores, so for the time being, when it’s gone, it’s gone.”


“All pre-orders have been fulfilled, and there’s more on the way.”

You can read our hands-on with the game here.

Source: MCV



  1. Good to hear, hopefully it will show publishers that the Rugby gaming market is worthwhile, I think there’s always been the assumption that the fan base isn’t big enough.
    Seeing as there isn’t a demo, I’m getting it from Lovefilm first. So glad I played the WRC’11 and then cancelled my pre-order, the button mashing was really annoying, as well as the other parts of the gameplay. Hoping this is much better.
    Also, the ‘e’ at the end of ‘challenge’ in the first line isn’t bold :P

  2. Having got the RWC 11 game from Lovefilm, I am willing this game to be good. RWC 11 is horrific. It’s actually a regression from the games on the PS2.

    • First reviews say the AI isnt all that, hwoever i played against real people and it was massive amounts of fun.

      • A lot of games are massive fun when you play with real people. But the basic game mechanics are rubbish, for an official game, not all teams have the real kits, there’s zero sense of momentum, button-mashing…. Need I go on?
        As a huge rugby fan, it’s a massive letdown.

      • Its official for the teams it’s licensed for. Not all teams are licensed, hence a few dodgy kits, players etc

    • It was fun playing RWC with Bacon at EGX, but I can see it being rubbish for more than that. JLRC is supposed to be MUCH better than RWC, though, so there’s hope yet!

      Shame there’s not going to be a demo, though. Rugby’s one of those sports where you really want a demo before you buy.

  3. Bro is getting this. I got RWC 2011 so i’ve got my Rugby fix for this year. Kind of wished i’d waited for this instead though. Looks alot better (although i knod of enjoyed RWC 2011)

  4. I’m waiting for the reviews for this.
    There’s no guarantee it’ll actually be good, but here’s hoping for a great.

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