Planetside 2 Free To Play, Features Epic-Scale Battles

PlanetSide 2 is already one of our most anticipated future releases, boasting a diverse, persistent in-game world, in which “every square inch” of land is contested between three player-run factions. It’s an ambitious project which we aren’t very likely to see much of until next year, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley ramping the hype meter in recent interviews about the game.

Speaking with Chinese website, 17173, Smedley stated that the reign of subscription-based MMOs is soon coming to an end, with Star Wars: The Old Republic potentially being the last. Though the translation has yet to be accurately translated, it appears as if PlanetSide 2 will be free to play, though an exact business model has yet to be verified. It was also revealed that a beta may soon be available, Smedley roughly estimating a late 2011/2012 launch. The full game has yet to be given an official release date.


What we found more interesting is what Smedley said about the actual in-game battles. Reportedly online skirmishes will cater for in excess of 2000 individual players at one time, turning your bog-standard three way team deathmatch into a day-long campaign of bloodshed and land-grabbing. World events have also been hinted at and are currently being tested, aligning all three factions to ward off an external AI attack.

Source: RockPaperShotgun



  1. Two THOUSAND? Blimey. This sounds like something that might finally warrant the term ‘Massively Multiplayer’…

  2. All that sounds awesome, if it’s as cool as it sounds I’ll definitely be getting this espcially if it’s free. With 2,000 players the maps must be huge.

  3. 2000 men and a huge field? *f*** yeah! true WAR!

  4. MAG, sorry matey, kneel down and grovel

  5. I used to play the original about eight years ago , it too had huge amount of maximum players (im sure it was well over a thousand but cant find the info)

  6. So defo not coming to PS3 then :)

    • If I’m not mistaken, the last Planetside was on PS3 and PC. So I think this will be the same.

      • Hopefully. I know nothing about it but I’ll look it up, 2000 players is awesome!

      • Planetside was PC only :)

  7. Sounds good, especially if it eschews the subscription payment model that I find to be such a turn off.

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