What We Played #17

What We Played

When Tuffcub sent in his ePostcard the other week you may have been a little jealous. Fortunately for all of us, in a kind of karmic holiday comeuppance he is now paying for having too much fun on the other side of the planet:

I’ve been playing a yearly title called “Jet-lag”. It’s a horrible game, I rate 1/10.

Luckily for Dan jet-lag is not a feature or game mode in Jetpack Joyride though he’s experienced a form of temporal compression having “played a ridiculous amount of [that] iOS time-sink”.


Currently, after over 7hrs, I’m at level 44 having ‘prestiged’ nearly 3 times (the game lets you reset after reaching a certain level, giving you a medal so people know how cool you are).

[drop]He’s also been playing Disagea 4 and says that it’s not a game that’s easy to sum up in a sentence. Just as well then that he happens to have penned a whole article on the subject. Just in case that sardine-fuelled fun wasn’t confusing enough for him, he’s also currently playing though El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron for our review. Says Dan, “there are so many bright colours I think I’ve brained my damage”. Quite.

Aside from challenging Tuffcub for playing the least fun game this week with his session of ambiguity-laden “ringing phone insurance” (who only insures ringing phones?) Kris has been playing the “very silly” WWE All Stars, which is “a bit of a laugh” despite the silliness.”The story mode feels quite poor though”, he says, “pretty much just a fighting game arcade mode”.

Baconing sounds like a method of turning a hapless flat-nosed farm creature into tasty rashers, preferably involving the kind of smoking that can still be advertised on TV, at least if you’re Danish. Instead it turns out that The Baconing is simply “a pretty bog-standard RPG, with a bit of humour”. Doesn’t sound like Kris is enjoying playing through it for our review does it, especially when he continues “the humour’s a bit hit or miss really though”.

There’s a certain degree of irony in Toby telling me that “repetition hasn’t set in… yet” when he’s telling me again that he is still playing L.A. Noire. He does sound like he’s getting into it though as he excitedly says that he “has just discovered the guy behind the Dahlia murders after some incredibly tense police work”.

[videoyoutube]As for myself, apart from passing a horde of Orcs through the blender that is Captain Titus’ Chainsword in the surprisingly entertaining demo for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, I’ve only had time for some A- and B-Spec Gran Turismo 5 with a little bit of online racing thrown in.

The shuffle mode is fun for keeping the racing close regardless of players’ abilities but why doesn’t it pick from a much wider performance range so you will find yourselves in Touring and GT cars from time to time?

Oh, and in a semi-game-related kind of activity I dug out my Mazzy Star CDs for a listen after their track “Into Dust” featured in the recent Gears of War 3 trailer which continues Epic’s habit using slow-paced emotional tracks for Gears trailers.

That’s us, how about you?



  1. Deus Ex, Crysis, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and the usual Left 4 Dead and Bad Company 2 online for me. Oh, and Bioshock 2 every Saturday with some awesome TSA’ers :)

  2. Just Skate 2, drifting around depressed for hours on end………

  3. so, why has the cover of la noire got Shannon Doherty on it?
    she not actually in the game as far as i know.

    i’ve been playing an indie title on xbox, called total miner.
    it’s one of the better minecraft clones on the 360 right now, it actually has crafting and monsters, well spiders at least, if you go deep enough to find them.
    the others all seem to be purely creative mode only games.

    the maps are fairly small, they’re miniscule compared to minecraft only being a few hundred block across i think, but they go pretty deep.

    it doesn’t have as many features as minecraft, but more features are promised, though the sole coder for the project just had a baby, well, he didn’t, his wife did, so it might take a bit for the update to arrive then planned.

    one feature i like is the quick recipe option, you don’t have to manually place all the blocks in the right pattern on the workbench, you just select from a list.
    it also adds an extra gameplay element in that there are blueprints to find that give you more recipes.
    oh, and it has a store where you can buy and sell anything you either mined or have a blueprint for.
    the shop has it’s good and bad points, it means you don’t necessarily have to work to get the more worthwhile items, you have to dig for blocks or cut down trees to get items to sell for the gold to buy those items, but you don’t have the risk reward thing where you went deep and fought monsters to get the final diamond or whatever for that ultimate sword.
    but then it’s good for items you might need a lot of that require hard to find materials, that are just annoying to get.

    currently i’m working on a project where i dig out a layer of the whole map, leaving only the oceans, but they’re not going to be contained by the normal sand block that surround them, i’m replacing them with glass blocks.
    so you’ll get the water seemingly floating above my head.
    it should look awesome when it’s finished.

    i did a small scale test, and it looked pretty cool, now i’m doing the whole map.
    i’ve got a systematic plan for digging it all out, i won’t go into the details, suffice it to say, one corner of the map would make q-bert feel right at home. ^_^
    the game has a creative mode, but there’s no challenge in doing it that way.
    this way i have to buy the tools, the wood pickaxe is free because you can’t dig or mine without a tool unlike minecraft where you can just use your hands, good job too as you drop all your items when you die.

    but the glass is pretty expensive, 100 gold and the clay, i think iv’e dug out thousands of blocks of that so far, only sells for like 7 gold a block.
    that’s why i started in a corner with lots of land, so i can build up a bit of money before i have to start placing glass blocks.

    thankfully the game won’t let you break blocks that are holding water back from a large or deep hole, because that glass breaks very easily and the water doesn’t flow like minecraft, it just floods instantly.

    bloody hell, wall-o-text or what.
    i only meant to say a few words about the game.

    • You’ve certainly helped make up for the fact our list was a little short this week. :-)

  4. Mostly I’ve been playing Catherine (love love love), 4 Elements HD (love as well) and Monopoly Streets – I damn well want that platinum. I’ve got so many games I need to sort out finishing off on. F1 2010 I’ve been meaning to boost on for ages, I think I might have to devote like an entire day to it 24 hours worth. I’ll never be able to platinum that otherwise if f1 2011 comes out. I hope that game doesnt require mass levelling.

  5. A bit of RWC 2011, bit of FIFA 2011, Lots of Mass Effect 2 and a little bit of Dead Island earlier aswell. Starting back at school has definitely cut down my gaming time and Football and Rugby being on the telly isn’t helping either. Still I always make room for a session a day even if it’s short.

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