R&C: All 4 One Will Support Singleplayer

Originally announced at Gamescom 2010, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One promises a wacky co-op driven experience set in one of gaming’s most diverse universes, bursting with larger-than-life characters and an arsenal of over-the-top weaponry. However large the online gaming community is nowadays, it’s still important to support those who can’t or who opt out of playing online, Insomniac taking this on board with its newest promotional trailer.


All 4 One will allow players to go solo thanks to the inclusion of an AI partner that will switch between a passive and active behavior cycle depending on when they are needed (combat situations and certain puzzles will require two or more players.)

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Cool, hopefully there’ll be a sp demo.

  2. Loving this game, the multiplayer was fantastic because it rarely required a lot of strategy – something that if the game includes then some may find it difficult to understand. But none of it was difficult to understand, you all fire at the same target to make a super blast and you compete for bolts, it’s great XD

  3. I played the Beta recently and after a frustrating first play with people that new what they were doing and where they were going, found that I enjoyed the game much more on a second solo play with only the AI partner (as mentioned in the article). Although playing with real people has its benefits, I do like to experience a game first on my own, exploring all the hidden areas, rather than miss out parts of the game because my online partner seems eager to rush ahead and finish a level in the quickest time possible. I’m pleased that Insomniac have accomodated this!

  4. I’ve only played the beta in single player so far and it seemed to work well with an AI buddy :) Not what I expected from a R&C game but I definately enjoyed it.

    • I didn’t realise you could play the beta in sp so skipped it .. i’d better download it this eve – if the beta is still active that is :O

      • I didn’t realise that either.If it is still active I will Download it later.

      • Basically you have the option to join a game or host one. I chose to host a game and make it only open to friends. If you just pick your character and launch the game, the AI kicks in as your partner. As I say, I’d imagine its more fun playing it with someone you know but its nice to know the AI is decent enough to play it SP too :)

  5. I like R&C but I’m not happy I’ll miss out on parts of the game if I play it in single player.

    • You won’t miss out on any gameplay if that’s what you mean. It’s the same game, except on your own.

      Game looks really fun from that trailer, really enjoyed the beta too, so I’m looking forward to this.

  6. They said from the start that this didn’t have to be played with anyone.. I’ve known this for ages..
    Still not sure about this game though, might wait till a down period next year and get it on the cheap..

    • Yeah, I thought it was common knowledge too.

      I think the game’s really enjoyable, but can get a little hectic with 4 online players and the camera being quite tight at times.

  7. Game is a huge blast to play but I have one major issue,…..

    Seriously, would’ve been a great character to play as.. :( He’s Micheal Bell, legend. (hehe)

  8. I guessed right from the beginning that the co-op would be just like the Ratchet: Gladiator/Deadlocked co-op. If you played single-player, you had 2 robots accompanying you. You could also do split-screen, with Merc and whatever the other robot was called being replaced by Player 2.

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