Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One – Z’Grute Boss Battle Trailer

So we’ve seen the weapons planned for the newest instalment of Ratchet & Clank, now how about a boss battle? This trailer shows snippets from your fight with the rather large ‘Z’Grute’.

All 4 One is due out on the 18th of October.


Source: YouTube



  1. Some of the stuff in the trailer is in the Beta. Now, I’m no big fan of Ratchet and Clank, but the beta impressed me, it was great fun.

    However I noticed nobody wanted to be the big green guy (Quark, was it?), so whenever a fourth person joined to room only to find Quark (let’s say it is) be the only available character, they’d leave. So Insomniac should have added a couple extra characters so everybody got too choose.

    • I agree what about Lawrence?

    • oh…..I forgot about….. mr Zurkon, now he’s gonna kill me *runs*

      • Zurkon was hilarious, but he’s not story related enough, just a weapon. Knowing Insom, Dan Johnson will be a skin that people will probably be able to switch to. Agree, Lawrence would be hilarious.. Or maybe one of Ratchets lady friends from a previous game..?

  2. I liked the Beta…but it took like an entire ammo to kill a boss…with two people, wheres the fun in that? its so annoying but Mr Whatever his name was impossible >.< !!!

    Great game… but I haven't the time to even play it so much :(

  3. Still thinking bargain bin for me. :/ I used to love that franchise..

    • No way. This R&C has me more excited than their past 2 releases. My gf and I were watching the trailer and can’t wait to get some couch co-op. Plus, we can play on the same system and find two other people to join our game. We are trying to talk some of our friends into to getting this strictly for the co-op. Can’t wait. Day 1 purchase for sure.

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