Teamwork Required In Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Big Co-op Moments

Working together is important, especially if you’re about to be blasted to pieces by a giant robot.

This new Ratchet & Clank trailer aptly demonstrates that if you don’t work together, you’re likely to be picking your teammate’s charred remains out of your hair. It’s cool though, because if you DO co-operate you’ll accomplish a load of awesome stuff such as fly an air taxi correctly.


We’ll have the review of the full game up as soon as we’ve stopped fighting each other.

Source: Youtube



  1. My brother and I gave this a go at EGX. We picked it up at a boss fight that someone had abandoned and we could see why. After 5 minutes of attacking the weak spots together, there was just no advancement or scale to show how much damage had been done. Eventually gave up and played Uncharted 3 instead.

    • How about the big health bar it had at the top of the screen? Did I imagine that?

  2. The title music which is used for this trailer is brilliant.

  3. I can’t wait for this :P LOVE all past R&C games.

  4. I found that the beta produced instant co-op skills from everyone playing. Not everyone was playing to ‘win’ but if you were you would have to make sure you play nicely and I found that everyone did – bar the taxi level in which there were multiple choices in direction to move the taxi and so we obviously had different opinions on which way to shift it but yes other than that the co-op experience was brilliant. I really didn’t like the idea of this being a co-op game but it grew on me during the beta and it now appears very promising to me :)

  5. Reminds me a little of Crash Bash on the PS1 and that was a game I really enjoyed and I could play it with my Nephew who was about 6 at the time so maybe this will be similair.

  6. I feel that this is going to be completely overlooked by most people (including me) due to the launch date. I might pick it up at Christmas time. Either way I’m going to pick it up sometime.

  7. I know this game is all about the multiplayer but having played the demo as single player i found it devoid of any of the charm of the R&C or J&D games.

  8. one of the best co-op games i ever played, or at least the one i had the most fun playing, was world of illusion on the megadrive.
    that had some fun teamwork puzzles.
    you don’t get enough games like that any more.

  9. Having played all the R&C games (excluding PSP), I might just ignore this one. It does nothing for me, and seems to be a random hash up.. I would love a new, true Ratchet and Clank game. Hell, I might just replay the old ones, they’re re-playable as hell. Insomniac are slipping in my opinion, Resistance 2, a Crack in Time, not as good as predecessors. Although saying that, Resistance 3 could be better (yet to play it) ad this might turn out to be incredible. Who knows.. Just doesn’t look like my thing.

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