Win El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

Keeping in the tradition of giving away lots of new games lately, this week we have five copies of El Shaddai: Ascencion of the Metatron on PS3 to give away.

In the last few competitions we have been asking for you guys to think up funny and clever comments so we thought it was about time we had a change. To win a copy of this game you need to email us at adam[at]thesixthaxis[dot]com with the answers to the following questions (and your TSA id):

  1. The Story of the game is inspired by a particular book based on a certain religion. What is the name of that religion?
  2. In the game, there is a creature called the ‘Nephilim’. Can you tell us what he looks like? (a basic description is fine).
  3. Ignition Entertainment, the publisher, also have an Action RPG coming for the PlayStation Vita. We simply want to know the name of this upcoming title?

You can check out our review for a point in the right direction with the questions. Entry to the competition closes this Friday.

Five winners will be picked at random from those who answer correctly. The winners will be announced in an article on TSA and will also receive an email asking for their details to send off the prize. Currently we are still waiting on most of the Dead Island winners to respond to us which is preventing us from sending out the prizes, so please remember to check to see if you have won on TSA in the winners announcement article and check you inbox including your junk mail. Remember, we cant send off your game if we don’t have an address!

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

  • This competition is UK only.
  • One entry per person.
  • There are five copies, all on PS3, available.
  • Entry to the competition closes on Friday 16th September at 9:00pm BST.
  • Winners have one week to reply to the email with their details after which if no reply has been received,  a new winner will be chosen at random.
  • Revealing the answers on the website will result in you being disqualified and could result in a ban.
  • Normal terms and conditions also apply.
This competition was master minded by Bunimomike. 


  1. Just about to do this now but does the email have to have a specific subject or can i just leave the subject section blank.

  2. oh man i missed out on this competition… that sucks :\

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