Guardian Heroes 2 in the Works

I’m pretty darn-diddly-arned excited about the HD remake of Guardian Heroes coming to LIVE next month, even though I have a copy of the Japanese Saturn original sitting right in front of me.

It seems that a sequel is in the works, although it looks like the release of this is down to how well the remake sells. Treasure’s Hiroto Matsuura had the following to say:


“Originally, the project started as Guardian Heroes 2. The team that had been working on Sin & Punishment, after that project they wanted to start a new game.

The project started as Guardian Heroes 2, but the publisher – that’s SEGA – said in order to create a sequel, they wanted us to revitalize the IP. So instead of starting on the sequel we made a remake.”

Well, fingers crossed then.

Source: Eurogamer




  1. Bring it out on the PSN as well, then!

  2. Agreed! I loved the original for the Saturn. Me and my mates played it to death.

  3. I don’t know…..but wouldn’t it sell more on PSN much more??…in this place called Japan?

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