PlayStation Vita Cases Will Look Like This

Images from Sony’s TGS 2011 booth have revealed the design of the PlayStation Vita’s game boxes, Uncharted: Golden Abyss recognized as one of the pictured titles.

Fairly small in size and blue in colour, the inlay for Golden Abyss appear to emulate that of the new PlayStation 3 template which was introduced back in 2009.

Sony has yet to confirm whether this will be the final design for the game cases or if there will be a variation from region to region. The PlayStation Vita will launch on December 17th in Japan with a European release expected in early 2012.

Source: Kotaku


  1. Ah, that will be new Nathan Drake Tree Skipping Simulator.

    • It actually reads:
      Base Jump: Oh No, Parachute Failure!

      • He has got to break a leg at least doing that jump!

      • Maybe there’s water off picture at the bottom? :D

    • That’s some amazing skipping action!

  2. Looks like a step down from the attractive Blu-Ray cases. Hopefully this isn’t final.

    Also, I presume that the box art for Uncharted isn’t final either. It looks like a badly cropped screenshot with a logo slapped on it.

  3. I like it.

  4. I’m not really a video game collector and I don’t want to sound like a dweeb, but the blue will clash with my 110-strong library of PS3 games.

    • It looks like the same colour.

      • looks just like blu-ray cases. I would have thought they could have made the boxes smaller but this means it aligns perfectly with the PS3 case dimensions

      • looks more like the shape of a DVD case rather then a blue ray.

    • Same thing. Not to mention the PSP games… Harumph!

    • PS3 cases are clear and PSV cases are blue, I dont see how they will clash.

  5. I’m going to sound all green and grumpy but, when the media is the size of an SD card, do Sony really need all that packaging?

    • I suppose it’s done to accommodate the publishers who can still be bothered to make a half decent instruction manual/insert for the game.

      • I think you’re right as to booklets being the cause of the size.. I haven’t more than flicked through one in years though.. They seem largely pointless now. Might as well be in game with minimal info in some sheet form. and in a much smaller box.

    • That was my thought as well. Now I’m not an Eco warrior or anything but the packaging seems very large for the tiny disc, and a waste of plastic.

    • PS3 and PSP cases are recyclable. So these probably will be aswell.

  6. wow. they really need to be that big just to fit a sd card in!?

    • No, they need to be that big so people can see them on the shelves, and so they can also house a reasonable sized manual.

      What I had an issue with (thank god they don’t do it anymore)is when they used to house PC games in HUGE cardboard boxes that literally just had a CD Jewel case in with the game in. In fact sometimes it was just a paper sleeve!


      This thread on NeoGaf shows they are actually quite small (scroll down on the link for comparison to PSP/DS cases.

      • good job with the link, they are indeed much smaller than they look in this picture! as thin as a psp case but not as tall

      • thx for the link get a better idea of them now.

    • Well they look the same width as a DS case, but taller, as to differentiate the two at a glance – ie brand identity, which is very important in marketing.

  7. I don’t really care what the case looks like. The only thing I would say is the smaller the better.

    • You keep telling yourself that ;)

  8. There’s no need for it to be that big, hell the PSP cases didn’t need to be as big as they were. Sony should take a leaf out of Nintendo’s packaging IMO. Environmental protection and all that!

  9. Overkill for an SD card.

  10. That’s too big Sony!
    Give us PSP cases- they’re quite big too, but not as big as that!

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